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  • HiP Paris Blog explores seeing Paris like it's the first time including the Tuileries Gardens at the Louvre Museum.

    Paris Like the First Time, Again

    Coming back after a lengthy hiatus, so much had changed. I’m living in new neighborhoods, seeing new people, tasting new foods. It’s like the Paris I lived in before was just a postcard, and now I’m seeing the real city for the first time again.

  • Paris or London? We love London's skyline, laid out along the Thames with Tower Bridge in the foreground.

    The London Experiment: Paris vs London

    Many have explored the cultural peculiarities of the two cities. I get it, they’re different. But now that I’m back in Paris, I never thought I’d miss so many things about London, things that make it different from Paris beyond the clichés. The great London experiment has left me seeing Paris in a whole new way.

  • World Champions 2018: France Wins The World Cup Again and the French celebrated on the Champs Elysées with flags at sunset with the Arc de Triomphe in the background.

    World Champions 2018: France Wins The World Cup Again

    A parade of blue, white, and red flags roared down the rue de Rivoli toward the Champs Elysées. Twenty years after bringing home the World Cup, Les Bleus had won it again.

  • Paris coffee culture is all about sitting out on a terrace and watching the world go by.

    Café or Caffè? French vs. Italian Coffee Culture

    On paper, the difference is just one “f” between coffee in Italy and in France — caffè and café. OK, the accent switches, too, but let’s ditch the minutia. In practice, however, the two coffee cultures have much more to argue about with wild, caffeinated hand gestures.

  • HiP Paris Blog DonAntónia Pastelaria Canal St Martin

    DonAntónia Pastelaria: Portuguese Treats Along the Canal St-Martin

    Among all of the trendy coffee shops and boutiques along the Canal Saint Martin, one new address is standing out from the rest. Forget croissants and café crèmes for a moment and immerse yourself in the pasteis de nata and galão at DonAntónia. Part eatery, part grocery store, the shop is dedicated to the tastes of Portugal.

  • For a gay night out in Paris, try a few of these favorite bars and clubs around the Marais

    A Gay Night Out in Paris: Bars and Clubs in the Marais

    From fancy cocktail clubs to cafés, Paris has it all in terms of nightlife. But sometimes you just want to hang out with the guys and stand around with a few pints of Heineken. There are many options to have a gay night out on the town no matter what your interests – as long as having a drink or five is among those interests.

  • Paris' best monuments, museums, and cafés through the eyes of a travel writer

    Paris Through Another Lens: Travel Writer vs. Tourist

    Visitors see Paris as a giant playground, an outdoor museum with amazing food and wine, as the most inspirational city in the world. Visitors may be right. As a travel writer, however, I see Paris a bit differently. It’s my business to know what’s happening under the surface, to distinguish the good from the less good.

  • Cupcakes: France vs America? The Paris Cupcake Camp Showdown

    Next week, Paris is hosting its second annual Cupcake Camp, with all proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation. To celebrate this worthy occasion, one of  the Cupcake Camp organizers Bryan Pirolli shares his thoughts on the difference between French and American cupcakes.  If you can find room after your croissants and eclairs this […]

  • Social Eating: Paris’ Best Private Dining Clubs, Networks & Foodie Groups

    This could be your hostess (Very Swell, by Lost in Cheeseland) Even the French say that Paris is a hard city to crack socially. This may have been true once upon a time, but with the recent wave of foodie groups and networks bringing adventurous diners together in secret and not-so-secret Parisian locations, however, there’s […]

  • Bryan’s Italian Love Affair With Napoli

    Paris might be our one true love, but there is always room for summer flings. As the season of summer getaways winds down and our very own Erica Berman soaks up the pasta and capuccino in Genoa, Bryan Pirolli tells us about his (short-lived) love affair with another irresistible Italian city: Napoli. – Geneviève Shades […]

  • Lactose Intolerance in Paris: The Plight of the Dairy-Challenged

    Gelato from Amorino in Paris is a no-no for the lactose averse, unfortunately! (Josh Leo) Hello.  For about ten months now I have been grappling with intolerance in my life, something deeply rooted and painful to me and to loved ones.  I feel that it’s time to come out with it, to share this issue […]

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