The London Experiment: Paris vs London

by Bryan Pirolli
Written By

Bryan Pirolli

Bryan Pirolli is a travel journalist whose byline has appeared in CNN Travel, Time Out Paris, and Travel+Leisure. He also teaches media studies at the university level. In his spare time, he managed to create The Gay Locals (, Paris' first LGBT tour guide provider, offering travel services for and by the LGBT community. View Bryan Pirolli's Website

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One comment on “The London Experiment: Paris vs London

The one point that really struck home with me is the easy banter of the British. “Small talk” is a very anglophone thing. There is no common term for it in French. How many times have you actually heard someone talk about having a “conversation phatique?” Never, is suspect. I sometimes have to travel for work, and when I travel with French colleagues, I often find myself having a meal during which nary a word is spoken. These are people I’ve known and worked with for years, but since we’re not friends (in the French sense of the word–in other words people with whom I have a personal relationship), they have almost nothing to say outside of work. I’m happier eating alone. But all that being said, I definitely prefer Paris to London! Va savoir.

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