DonAntónia Pastelaria: Portuguese Treats Along the Canal St-Martin

by Bryan Pirolli
Written By

Bryan Pirolli

Bryan Pirolli is a travel journalist whose byline has appeared in CNN Travel, Time Out Paris, and Travel+Leisure. He also teaches media studies at the university level. In his spare time, he managed to create The Gay Locals (, Paris' first LGBT tour guide provider, offering travel services for and by the LGBT community. View Bryan Pirolli's Website

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2 comments on “DonAntónia Pastelaria: Portuguese Treats Along the Canal St-Martin

Hi all!!

I recently stumbled across this bakery myself and absolutely loved it!!! Her desserts are fairly priced and totally delicious. The shop is cozy and cute. I would highly recommend it to others. I actually just included it in a recent blog post of mine:

If people want to check out some additional photos and comments about the bakery 😀

Happy Travels!


aaaaa – obrigada for these micro-vacances in Portugal. We stayed, for the 2nd time in 6yrs, for 4 days in Lisbon in February – and found all the happiness, beauty and delighs we experienced many times before when we visited Portugal, came back to me in this article. We have seen large parts of P before, we visited smallest and large places, fell in love with the country, their food & wines and the Portugese. So mutch that I’d like to take a crash course in early or late winter so that we can talk to people and not only just order our meals…

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