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  • Our guide to things to do in Brittany, like the beaches, and the artisanal gastronomic delights like oysters.

    The Best of Brittany: Culinary Treasures from the Breton Coast

    From spectacular rose quartz shores, Celtic ruins, and emerald blue waters, you could easily spend a holiday away in Brittany. Here are our favorite Breton sights and the artisanal gastronomic flavors that accompany them.

  • HiP Paris Blog Thanksgiving in Paris

    Thanksgiving in Paris: How to Prepare and Shop Like a Chef

    Living in France, Thanksgiving is the holiday I miss the most. Fortunately the French are always ready to join in any food-related fun and rounding up expats and Frenchies alike is very easy. Finding the ingredients, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky. Here are my professional tips for making your Thanksgiving planning a little easier and less of a headache.

  • HiP Paris Blog rounds up the best knife stores in Paris

    Knife Shopping and Sharpening in Paris: Recommendations From a Chef

    A trusty knife is the best accessory a cook could ask for. Without a good knife, our handiwork is useless. Sharpening your knife is absolutely essential and even if you buy the most expensive, beautiful knife, it’s not going to get the job done effectively if the blade is not tip-top sharp.

  • HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik Cafe

    Turkish Coffee, Pastries and Mezze in Paris at Ibrik Cafe

    From the moment you step into Ibrik, you know you’re in a coffee shop that is unlike all the others that have recently opened in the French capital. The obvious presence of the hovoli sets the tone but, namely, a warmth exudes from the well-organized space.

  • HiP Paris Blog rounds up the top brunch spots in Paris, like La Fontaine de Belleville cafe with its blue exterior.

    Where to Find the Best Brunch in Paris: Our Top Picks for Brunching in the City

    Cooking breakfast is an intimate experience that requires great heart and attention; it is the first meal of the day. Your empty belly craves for nourishment and love. Perhaps you’re nursing a head-banging hangover. You’re vulnerable, sensitive and want that good food – fast!

  • Our guide to spending Sundays like a local in Paris includes having a picnic.

    Living Like a Local: How To Spend Sunday in Paris (Part III)

    Parisians take relaxing very seriously. France is world renowned for its 35-hour workweek, its terrace coffee sipping, August vacations, people watching and sleepy Sundays, bien sûr! Here are some local Parisian tips for making the most of your languid dimanche: