Where to Find the Best Brunch in Paris: Our Top Picks for Brunching in the City

by Lise Kvan
Written By

Lise Kvan

Lise Kvan is a Danish - American chef currently on the road discovering artisanal food producers and organic farmers across France. Passionate about sustainable agriculture and food education, you can currently find Lise at @bon.fond! View Lise Kvan's Website

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2 comments on “Where to Find the Best Brunch in Paris: Our Top Picks for Brunching in the City

Hello! I very much enjoyed reading your reviews and thought I would get in touch in the hope that you may be able to offer some advice! I am planning a trip to Paris for 20 women and we are looking for somewhere lovely for breakfast/ brunch on the Sunday. We are staying in the 10th arrondissement so ideally somewhere close to there. I am struggling to find anywhere online that looks suitable for groups. Ideally we are looking for somewhere typically Parisian but also like pancakes etc and are fairly unfussy! It would need to be somewhere that accepted reservations for the morning as we need to be at the airport for our flight home at 1pm….. if you are able to offer any suggestions I’d be very grateful, perhaps you could email me. Many thanks, Kathryn

Hi Kathryn, I do love but not sure they take reservations. Otherwise, a favorite that I know does would be: I think they do brunch. Good luck!

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