HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik CafeAnael Boulay – Skiss Agency

Greatly inspired by her family’s Romanian-Byzantine heritage, Cathy has opened one of the most inviting and unpretentious cafés in Paris. Employing the ancient coffee brewing method of the hovoli, a technique that she learned from her grandmother at an early age, Cathy serves each carefully concocted coffee in an ibrik accompanied by a gold foiled glass. The beans are freshly roasted by heralded Coutume Café and, if you’re in a hurry, they also make a mean espresso using their sleek Synesso machine.

HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik

HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik CafeAnael Boulay – Skiss Agency

From the moment you step into Ibrik, you know you’re in a coffee shop that is unlike all the others that have recently opened in the French capital. The obvious presence of the hovoli sets the tone but, namely, a warmth exudes from the well-organized space. Using the Wabi Sabi ideology of mixing contrasting materials, designer Laura Paraschiv has created a uniquely artisanal space which immediately sets you at ease. Cozy up in the slim leather booths downstairs or wind your way upstairs to a second space with low banquettes and luscious greenery, making for a more private, informal setting for a delicious lunch meeting.

HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik CafeAnael Boulay – Skiss Agency

And lunch has never been so appealing; Chef Ruba serves dishes brimming with a bouquet of flavors! Palestinian by birth, raised in Dubai, chef Ruba has lovingly created a symphony of dishes that represent the former Byzantine empire: Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. After having worked in several prestigious Parisian kitchens- the likes of Frenchie, Yam’tcha, and Septime- Ruba was ready to express her own unique gastronomic style and, after serendipitously meeting Cathy, the two knew it was the perfect creative match.

HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik CafeAnael Boulay – Skiss Agency

The harmonious blend of the hum of the hovoli and the tempting odeurs wafting from the kitchen makes for a much-needed respite from the roaring scooters of the Parisian streets. A moment to stop, reflect, savor, and refuel; everything Cathy wants and hopes you will feel when you enter Ibrik. 

HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik Cafe

HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik Cafe

HiP Paris Blog visits Ibrik CafeAnael Boulay – Skiss Agency

Ibrik – 43 Rue Laffitte, 75009. +33 01 73 71 84 60. Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.00pm, Saturday 10.30am-4pm. Metro: Notre-Dame de Lorette (ligne 12) and Le Peletier (ligne 7).

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Written by Lise Kvan for HiP Paris. Photos courtesy of Anael Boulay – Skiss Agency. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, Tuscany, Umbria or Liguria? Check out Haven In.

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Lise Kvan is a Danish – American chef who is passionate about sustainable agriculture and food education. Upon graduation from Ferrandi, she worked at Astrance (*** Michelin, San Pellegrino Top 50 restaurant) and helped open Holybelly. She also taught at La Cuisine Paris. Along with Éric Monteleon she opened the restaurant Le Saint Hubert in the south of France.

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  1. The café shop is looking sooo stunning as it has decorated so gorgeously! And surely can presume the environment would be romantic as well as the over all embedment.

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