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Spring in Paris: The Effect of Sunlight on Parisians

Photos Erica Berman One of my favorite times of year in Paris is the transition between winter and spring. It’s that miraculous moment when the gray dampness lifts and the first rays of warm sunlight begin to creep their way along rooftops, through windows, over bridges. It’s still coat weather, but hope is in the […]
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NYC Blogger Stays in a Paris Apartment

Introduction by Maggie Battista I’m in love, and it’s not just with Paris. As a member of the Haven in Paris team, I feel very lucky to get to know amazing people from all over the world who stay in our luxury Paris apartments. Guests are very more
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Decoding French-isms: Market / Restaurant Lingo I used to think I was pretty good at French… until the day I actually moved here and realized just how nuanced the language is when it’s coming at you from all angles. Old people, young people, drunk people, more
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L’Institut du Monde Arabe: Contemporary Architecture in Paris

When I lived in the 5th arrondissement, I spent hours pounding the pavement (or the cobblestones, as it were) just exploring and trying to make sense of the diverse elements that make up the neighborhood: the historic Place de la Contrescarpe more
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Rose Bakery – Lunch in the Marais

Carrot Cake at Rose Bakery: After all the great things I have heard about Rose Bakery on rue des Martyrs, and the number of times I have tried to go there but never made it for some reason or another, I more
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An American Blogger in Paris: First Impressions

Blogger Kari Geltemeyer is currently staying in Haven in Paris’ Livingstone Penthouse, and we were so excited to find that she’s been writing about her experience on her blog Litwit. It’s always so fun to see this city through more
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Help an American Girl in Paris As a new girl, a new American girl, in Paris, I’ve been inundated with suggestions on where to go, what to eat and, in general, how to suck the most from my Paris experience. Often, these suggestions are truly more

Vacation Rentals for Those Who Don’t just Travel, they Experience.

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Back in Paris: Adjusting to Life at a French Pace

Erica Berman After seven months away, I’m back in Paris for a while and am greedily soaking up every minute of it. After two weeks, I’ve slipped back into many of my happy habits, though I’ve come to realize that settling back into my Parisian more
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La Vaissellerie: Kitschy French Kitchen Supplies

Erica Berman It’s hard for me to pass by the Vaissellerie St. Antoine without stepping inside to poke around for a few moments. I inexplicably find myself stroking the blades of knives, holding quirky corkscrews up to the light, brandishing more
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Winter Indulgences: Why I Love February in Paris

Erica Berman & Alain Ollier I’ve always loved Europe in the winter—and Paris in particular. And by winter, I mean real winter: January and February, when the holiday crowds have cleared out and it’s gray, gray, gray all day. I can sense you more
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Wandering in Belleville: Living Art on Rue Dénoyez

Not only do I live in Paris’ coolest up-and-coming neighborhood (Belleville), but I also live just off of the coolest street in this neighborhood (Rue Dénoyez), which locates me in the epicenter of Parisian coolness. It’s an more
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Paris Grays: A Collage by Nichole Robertson

Our friend Nichole (at Little Brown Pen) regularly puts together wonderfully creative color collages using images from around Paris. Her gray collage manages to capture the feeling of winter in Paris perfectly… All photos: Nichole more
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Packing for Paris: The Anticipation Builds

Gerard Laurent, I have that electric feeling that can only mean one of two things: either I’ve put my finger in a socket, or I am headed back to Paris. Luckily for me, it’s the latter. After seven months in North America, I am more