CREAM Café: Craft Roasted Coffee in Paris’ Belleville Neighborhood

by Emily Dilling
Written By

Emily Dilling

Emily Dilling is a France based writer and author of My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes. In 2005 Emily moved to Paris from her native California and began exploring the cities markets, restaurants, and cafés. In 2010 she founded the blog Paris Paysanne, where she writes about her favorite addresses and artisans in the city. Emily currently lives in the Loir-et-Cher region of France, where she writes and works in the grapevines. View Emily Dilling's Website
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Palmyre Roigt

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7 comments on “CREAM Café: Craft Roasted Coffee in Paris’ Belleville Neighborhood

Those wraps look and sound absolutely heavenly. Nothing like squash and hazelnuts with some goat cheese to warm you up!


Hello from snowy Montana. My 17 year old daughter and myself are traveling through Paris for the first time (first week in June) and unfortunately, don’t have much time in the city, but would like to spend the afternoon on our arrival from London(Nord@ noon) and part of our 3rd day before we get back on the train & head down to Beaune (dept Bercy @ 3pm). We would like to spend some time walking around the little streets of the 10th/11th or any great nearby spot as our hotel (Citizen) in in the 10th. We have Holybelly on the wish list per your wonderful referral, and are thinking maybe a hop on hop off tour would be good for our 1 full day just to hit the must see big guns that the city has to offer. Does this sound like a good plan for only being there for 2 half days and 1 full day? If so, would you give us your ‘must stroll’ area/must stop shops/eateries near our hotel’s district? I listened to your pod cast, so I’m feeling pretty good about this up and coming area, but since our time is short, I’d like to know the best spot to stroll and explore so we can feel ‘leisurely’ knowing we’re in the right spot. Thanks for your lovely blog!

Isabel/HiP Paris


Thank you for your kind comments! The 10th is a wonderful neighborhood to stay in. If you stroll along the Canal St. Martin, you’re sure to stumble upon some lovely cafés and boutiques. Check out quai de Valmey, Jardin Villemin, and rue Baurepaire. Some of our favorite 10ème spots include: Du Pain et Des Idées, Ten Belles, Heimat, Death By Burrito, and Le Comptoir General. A hop-on-hop-off bus tour or a bateaux-mouche ride on the Seine are great ways to catch many of the city’s major sites.

I hope you have a wonderful trip! Stay tuned for a post on the Canal St. Martin neighborhood on the blog soon 😉

Candice, well, they may have legitimate worries! We hope you can come back soon. All the best – Erica


I wish I were there . It has been too long since I spent time in Paris. My family worries that once I am there, I won’t come back .. they have a point.

I’m going to be staying about a 10 minute walk west down Rue du Faubourg du Temple from here in March and will definitely have to check this place out. I’ve been devouring your blog since I’m staying in the 10th/11th, Thanks!

Hi Brittany,

Aww so glad that you are enjoying the blog. The 10/11th is a great part of the city. Where will you be? And enjoy a cappuccino for us all! -Erica

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