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Les Enfants Terribles? Kid-Friendly Dining in Paris

by Paige Bradley Frost
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Paige Bradley Frost

After nearly a decade in Paris, Paige Bradley Frost swapped the Banks of the Seine for the beaches of San Diego, California where she serves as Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, Women's Empowerment International. Still, her heart remains with the French capital where she hopes to one day return. View Paige Bradley Frost's Website

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11 comments on “Les Enfants Terribles? Kid-Friendly Dining in Paris

Thank you for this blog post—I have a question. We are leaving for Paris in 3 weeks. Do French restaurants typically have high chairs? We have a little clip on travel chair I am tempted to bring but wasn’t sure if it was necessary.


Genevieve Sandifer

Hi Maria!
Some restaurants may have high chairs, but it likely isn’t the norm. If you would need one to dine out with your family, it may be a good idea to bring your own. This service also offers reasonable rentals:

Thank you very much for this little presentation of our restaurant !

Don’t hesitate to come visit us, children and their parents are always welcome !

Charmaine Anne Green.

Arrived in Paris the summer of 1997…still in the vicinity…a few miles away in the UK since…was there Christmas week 2011… Cold and grey…but magical yet.

The Surnes American Cemetry & Memorial WW II…a family friendly site…beautiful garden. A place for children to run…plus to honour the memory and sacrifice of American heros whom freed the world from tyranny.

Located on mount Valerian…metro to la Defence, switch for Suresnes.
Our post husband..Mike Green was the at Cambridge AC..WW II.

Very best wishes.

My Traveling Troop

What a helpful blog post for parents like me dreaming of a family vacay to Paris! Many thanks for sharing your helpful tips!


Great blog post. When I was dining in Paris this summer with my picky 9 year old, typically we dined early and also just let her share some of the adult food…that way, if she didn’t like it, it was okay. I will note this restaurants for our next trip.


What I love about dining with kids in Paris and France is how there are no children’s menus. Kids just don’t get offered the standard fare of nuggets, chips or pasta. They have to eat real food, albeit in smaller portions. In Le Cannet last summer we were informed that oxtail stew was the meal du jour for children. We would never have thought of ordering it. They amazed us by eating it without complaint.

Great tips! My husband and I were actually wondering if we should try Hippopotamus. Tha

Bonjour, l’Americaine! I recently discovered another very nice choice for families: The Hotel Lutecia near Le Bon Marche in the Left Bank. They have a great menu enfant that is offered free with the purchase of an adult meal. It’s a lovely hotel and (as you may know) would be a treat for all! Thanks for commenting.

My nephews are coming to visit me in February and I cannot wait to use some of your tips when they get here! Thanks so much.

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