Paris with Kids: Quick Fix Fun for under 5€

by Daisy de Plume
Written By

Daisy de Plume

In 2012 Daisy de Plume started THATMuse, a company running themed Treasure Hunts at the Museum (what it stands for), which now has 25 themes across the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Streets of Paris, British Museum and Victoria & Albert in London. A native New Yorker who moved to Paris in 2004, she & her Argentine husband have two culturally confused, trilingual sons, Storsh & Balthazar. You can find her on her blog or see Daisy’s snaps on Instagram & Twitter @THAT_Muse_ View Daisy de Plume's Website

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One comment on “Paris with Kids: Quick Fix Fun for under 5€

So lovely to see all the silliness that Storsh and I have gotten up to here. Thanks for posting!

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