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The Parisian Kitchen Cooking Class and Market Tour

by Meghan Cunningham
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Meghan Cunningham

Unsure of which direction to take post-grad, Meghan signed on to move to Paris for a year as an au pair to a French family despite having never visited France and barely speaking the language. The City of Light mesmerized her and now she is always looking for an excuse to return. View Meghan Cunningham's Website
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Briag Courteaux

Briag Courteaux has been living and working in Paris independently since 2009 as a photographer, working between documentary, personal research, institutional assignments, and private projects. View Briag Courteaux's Website

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3 comments on “The Parisian Kitchen Cooking Class and Market Tour


French cuisine is really an art! The french lifestyle is so pleasent, going to the open market to grab the best ingredients and then let place to the fabulous art of cooking.

Hi Jacqueline! Thanks for your comment. It is very true that this meal might be a bit more intricate than my host mother would make after work. For me though, knowing that I could make something like this gave me a confidence boost to try other things and think that maybe one day I’ll be able to throw a meal together effortlessly like she did 🙂

Love the kitchen! While I do love to cook (I read cookbooks like people read novels), I have to say that this meal you prepared, which sounds delicious, did not seem like the kind of simple, quick easy meal a French woman would put together after coming home from work!

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