Rue Victor Masse: The Best of Cocktails and Cuisine in Pigalle

l’Entrée des Artistes, Emma Stencil

Paris’ best playground is at the base of Montmartre, in the once red-light district turned bohemian paradise with no end of bars, boutique hotels, and late-night neo-bistrots. The Pigalle neighborhood has been reinventing itself over the past two years with the opening of cocktail bar innovators like Dirty Dick, Glass, and Lulu White. And the quartier continues to grow with the recent addition of l’Entrée des Artistes and Le Grand Pigalle Hotel, installed just across from each other on rue Victor Masse. Two more great reasons to head to north on a weeknight in Paris.

Rue Victor Masse: The Best of Cocktails and Cuisine in Pigalle

l’Entrée des Artistes, Melissa Leroux

l’Entrée des Artistes Pigalle

Early in 2015, the well-loved restaurant l’Entrée des Artistes packed their bags and moved from Oberkampf to a much larger space in Pigalle. There hasn’t been a better time to enjoy delicious small plates and cocktails among the ferns at the new multi-level, Art Deco establishment. Dim lighting and cozy corners in the ground-level speakeasy give way to an airy lofted dining room, where vast windows trimmed with heavy blue curtains let in natural light.

Rue Victor Masse: The Best of Cocktails and Cuisine in Pigalle

Le Grand Pigalle, Emma Stencil; l’Entrée des Artistes, Melissa Leroux; l’Entrée des Artistes, Melissa Leroux

Diners fill leather banquettes arranged along the exposed brick walls to sample a number of small plates. The menu is inventive and playful, mixing different cuisines and flavors to achieve a surprising result. A sweet and savory Asian shiitake ravioli in miso broth is followed by seasonal white asparagus and grapefruit. After fried monkfish in a rich coconut sauce appears an original and surprisingly tasty plate of squid and blood sausage topped with spring onions. A favorite dish revisits the traditional French blanquette de veau, or veal stew, adding breaded-and-fried balls of sweet rice and green peas. For dessert, opt for the strawberry meringue with paprika or the poached pear with vanilla and ricotta mousse, a house speciality.

The bar features a beautiful selection of natural wines from around the globe and a solid cocktail menu. Order “Le Bon,” a fresh gin cocktail with apple juice, celery, wasabi, and lime, and enjoy the late-night DJ spinning vinyl.

L’Entree des Artistes Pigalle – 30-32 rue Victor Masse, 75009. Tel: +33 (0)1 45 23 11 93

Rue Victor Masse: The Best of Cocktails and Cuisine in Pigalle

l’Entrée des Artistes, Melissa Leroux

Le Grand Pigalle Hotel

Just across the street is the pretty façade of Le Grand Pigalle, a boutique hotel with one of the best bars in Paris. French doors that line the length of the bar open onto rue Victor Masse, lending the perfect vantage point for people-watching at a busy Pigalle intersection.

The friendly bar staff provides great service (and off-the-menu drinks if you sit at the polished bar). Chat them up late in the evening and you’ll learn the story behind the New York Sour, basically a wine-spiked Whisky Sour and the world’s greatest cocktail accident.

Rue Victor Masse: The Best of Cocktails and Cuisine in Pigalle

Le Grand Pigalle, Emma Stencil

The bar proposes simple and refined French plates, good wines, and incredible old-world cocktails. Sample the Chicago Fizz, a frothy cocktail reminiscent of evenings spent in Windy City jazz bars, and order a plate of charcuterie to share.

An intimate Art Deco interior features beautiful mirrors, brass lamps, and polished wood tables with gold accents, playing up the Jay Gatsby ambiance. A proper New-Yorkais address with a whimsical Parisian touch, planted in the capital’s former red-light district, Le Grand Pigalle brings a wonderful ambience in the city.

Le Grand Pigalle – 29 rue Victor Masse, 75009. Tel: +33 (0)1 85 73 12 00

Rue Victor Masse: The Best of Cocktails and Cuisine in Pigalle

Le Grand Pigalle, Emma Stencil

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  1. Hi, I enjoy Hip Paris Blog a lot! But, I do have to report a disappointment. A few weeks ago, we went to the Grande Pigalle Hotel bar based on a review in the blog. While the hotel looks nice, the bar was dead as a doornail and the champagne poor quality. Not the jumping, hip place the review made it out to be. For what it’s worth – John Stengrevics

    1. Dear John,

      Hello! Thanks for keeping up with the HiP Paris Blog. We’re sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your time at the Grand Pigalle Hotel Bar. Perhaps certain nights are more popular than others. Unfortunately, July & August tend to be especially quiet as this is when many Parisians leave for vacation. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

      -Isabel/HiP Paris

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