Left: A yoga class with 3 participants lying down and their teacher in the middle spreading out her arms. Right: An outdoor yoga class in front of the Tuilleries Garden with 7 participants and their teacher.
Top & Above: Breathe in Paris

More than ever before, people are searching for a deeper connection with not only others, but themselves. Many people are evolving in ways they never felt the need to in the past leading to a revolution of inner development. As more of us “wake up” to our true calling, people all over the world have adopted a daily wellness practice for a more soulful and mindful living experience.

When I first moved to Paris, finding a modern gym with fun classes and an actual shower was more challenging than getting a taxi to stop on a busy Parisian street, which was an impossible feat. 

Left: An outdoor yoga class in front of the Tuilleries Garden with 7 participants and their teacher. Right: A yoga class in a studio with 3 participants lying down and their teacher instructing them.
Breathe in Paris

A lot has changed since 2005. The Parisian exercise routine consisted of walking up and down the metro stairs while scoffing to themselves and others through different indecipherable French sounds. However, in our present time, Parisians are “on demand” more than ever before. Being constantly available to others has created a need to be more available to one’s self.

Here are my go-to wellness addresses in Paris — chosen as they go beyond physical practices and into the spiritual.


Left: A yoga teacher is seated with her eyes closed and her hands in the air. Right: A yoga teacher is in a camel pose with her right arm extending to the sky.
@tigreyogaclub@susan.oubari, @camille_yinyoga

One of my favorite places to go when I need an hour or more of peace is Tigre Yoga, located centrally in the Saint-Germain neighborhood. Get there early to sink into the large, enveloping couch while leafing through pages of an interesting coffee table book on Ram Dass and sipping a fresh juice from their in-house juice bar. It’s the perfect place to get some relief from a hectic Parisian day. They offer many different classes depending on your level and style preference. They also offer Pilates classes. Check the website for more details. All classes are currently virtual.

Left: The entrance of the kundalini yoga studio 'Satnam'. Right: Anne Bianchi, an instructor from Satnam Montmartre, is seated in front of 10 participants during a kundalini yoga class.
Satnam Montmartre

If you want to learn more about kundalini yoga, head over to see Anne Bianchi at Satnam Montmartre. Kundalini is very different from many mainstream Western yoga practices as it includes a lot of deep breathing, chants, mudras (hand positions that coincide with mantras), and finishes up every class with a short gong bath at the end. Anne is an inspirational woman who changed her career from working at a fast-paced French magazine to opening a kundalini yoga center.

Left: Participants in a hot yoga class are in a lying pose with their torso area curled upwards. Right: A smiling instructor is giving her eagle pose to a yoga class.
Yoga Garden Rive Gauche

If doing hot yoga is more your style, I have always loved the Yoga Garden Rive Gauche. This was my happy place for years as the staff is gold and their fabulous water pressure will change your life (and muscle pain) after a challenging hot yoga session. They offer different hot yoga styles, including hatha and Bikram but also offer other yoga classes, including regular hatha and vinyasa.


Left: Ellie from Zen and Sounds in a seated namaste pose in front of her sound bowls. Right: Swan from Zen and Sounds is instructing two participants on the use of sound gongs.

For those of us who enjoy meditation, Paris is now a wonderful resource for different meditation and self-healing classes. Swan and Ellie offer sound therapy experiences at Zen and Sounds. Here, you don’t need to do anything except relax and let the different vibrations and sounds positively affect your mind and body. They offer different gong baths, meditations, and sound treatments multiple times a day, seven days a week. They have even been able to offer zoom experiences, and have some amazing sound healing retreats lined up for spring and summer 2021 at their center in the South of France and Ibiza.

Left: An outdoor yoga class in front of the Tuilleries Garden with the teacher standing up and spreading her arms to the sky. Right: A yoga class in a studio with 3 participants lying down and their teacher instructing them.
Breathe in Paris

Susan Oubari created a class that combines the benefits of breathwork, Reiki, and meditation called Breathe in Paris. She currently teaches online and offers a class whose goal is to teach you how to breathe with purpose and learn the art of letting go. For more information on Susan and her classes, visit https://susanoubari.com/

This handful of Paris wellness classes were selected based on the quality and possibility of taking classes in English.

Left: A lady in red dress is seated in her Parisian window seal with her arms in her chest, eyes closed, and appears to be meditating. Right: A yoga class of 7 women dressed in all black, doing a yoga pose.
Left: Breathe in Paris / Right: Tigre Yoga


Le Tigre Chaillot – 17/19 rue de Chaillot 75116

Le Tigre Rive Gauche – 101 rue du Cherche-Midi 75007

Satnam Montmartre – 7 impasse Marie Blanche 75018 

Yoga Garden Rive Gauche – 3 rue Campagne Première 75014

Zen and Sounds – 88 boulevard de Charonne 75020

Breathe in Paris – 1 rue de l’Université 75007

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Natalie Gond

Written by Natalie Gond: Natalie has spent over 15 years helping people visit Paris with her special approach to luxury vacation planning and is currently a student in sound yoga and sound healing massage.

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