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Le Galopin: Fresh, Friendly Dining by Paris’ Trendy Place Sainte Marthe

by Krista Stein
Written By

Krista Stein

Krista, a native of Philadelphia USA, lived in Paris for three years, continuing a tradition started by her grandmother (who lived and attended art school in Paris during the 1920s). Though now back in New York, Krista travels and eats regularly in France and elsewhere in the world. Her appreciation for food was sparked by growing up in a family where cooking everything from scratch was the norm, living on a farm as a child, and working in her family's restaurants as a young adult. She works as a Vice President in Marketing for American Express. View Krista Stein's Website

5 comments on “Le Galopin: Fresh, Friendly Dining by Paris’ Trendy Place Sainte Marthe

I had two wonderful meals here. They were sweet and attentive. Sorry you had a bad meal George!

UK visitors will understand but not US. This resto is the biggest piss-take in Paris. The food is unbelievable, unbelievably bad. As one Frenchman said ‘gross foutage de geule’. How right he was

Genevieve Sandifer

Hi George! I’m so sorry to hear about your poor experience. I had a wonderful meal there a few years ago. Perhaps things have changed?

Thanks for the post! I always love to try new places and this seems like a great spot.

Excellent review, merci beaucoup! Whenever I go home and spend time in Paris, I am always looking for new restaurants to try (new to me, at least,) and my favorites are neighborhood bistros. I will remember Le Galopin! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

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