A colorful table full of South American dishes from Selva, a South American Restaurant in Paris.
Top: Selva’s tropical interiors
Above: A full coursed meal for 4 at Selva

Located in the fifth arrondissement, Selva is a culinary experience inspired by Colombian and Peruvian cuisine that you won’t want to miss! As someone from a Latin American background, I am always eager to try any up-and-coming restaurant that honors my culture and spotlights our cuisine. So, upon hearing of Selva, I decided to take a peek. 

The journey began as it should in any Peruvian restaurant – with the ceviche clásico! I am not exaggerating when I say this was one of the best ceviche I have ever tasted. Every bite of the dish was perfectly executed. The balance of ingredients took me back to the breeze from the coast. 

Next, I decided to try the boroña, a dish made with a base of mashed plantains and eggplant laid out on the plate and topped with more eggplant, cooked and cut in different ways. 

To finish, I was treated to their flan dulce de leche that I paired with a nice, strong shot of Colombian coffee. I sat back and savored a taste of home in the heart of Paris. 

Left: Selva chef Felipe Camargo smiles while at work in his blue apron. Right: A table with two plates of food from Selva, golden cutlery, white cocktail, and white wine.
Chef Felipe Camargo at work / Pulpo, Boroña, and Pisco Sour at Selva

Selva is run by a dynamic trio of 3 friends—managers Guillaume Pierrat and Hugues Chevallereau and Colombian chef, Felipe Camargo. Their travels in South America and their passion for food are reflected in each dish and drink, served in this lush setting beside La Sorbonne. 

Food is evocative. It can make you remember a moment in time or introduce you to new possibilities. For me, Selva does this and so much more. Next time you’re in the area, stop by Selva and journey to South America through their delicious dishes and cocktails. 

Left: A dish of vegetables from Paris's Selva on a white plate paired with a glass of white wine. Right: A margarita drink in a goblet, garnished with dried orange bitter.
Causa Primaveral / Margarita


Selva22 rue du Sommerard, 75005 Paris / +33981102188

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Paulina Trigos

A Puerto Rican in Paris, Paulina has been living in the City of Lights for four years completing her degree in Creative Writing and Film. Paulina spends her time looking for new exhibitions to discover and finding secret places in her favorite city. Passionate about culture, history and the arts, she loves Latin American literature, Bossa Nova and the D’Orsay. If she’s not in her usual reading spot, the Jardin du Luxembourg, you can usually find Paulina listening to local bands in her favorite music venues. Paulina is currently on a mission to find the best soupe à l’oignon in Paris – we will let you know once she finds it!

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