There’s no doubt about it. The French are coffee mad. They drink the stuff all day long, especially to finish off a meal. As a result, it’s not hard to find coffee in Paris. But when it comes to something barista brewed, you’ll need to look a bit harder.

The truth is, until recently, finding a decent and well-made coffee in Paris was quite difficult, which seems strange considering the nation’s long history with caffeine. The barista coffee that those from English-speaking countries are used to was just not ingrained into French culture. Whereas a simple pull on the espresso machine was – and largely still is. 

Left: a photo of the coffee counter and machine at the Ob-La-Di cafe in Pairs. Right: a photo of two workers from the Ob-La-Di cafe in Paris, standing outside the café holding coffees in denim blue jackets.
Top: Karl Fredrickson
Above: Ob-La-Di

But thankfully, with the help of anglophone expats, the “coffee culture” that’s swept the rest of the world has finally made its way to Paris and the scene is growing fast. The almighty flat white can now be found at most establishments and cold brew isn’t far behind. 

Here are a few of my favorite spots to sit down in Paris with a good coffee and book.

Left: A photo of the store front at Ob-La-Di cafe in Paris, reflecting onto the Paris street behind. Right: a photo of someone holding a white Ob-La Di coffee mug outside the Ob-La-Di coffee shop in Paris.


This chipper place will brighten up your day with its piping hot coffee and great atmosphere, leaving you humming the famous Beatles classic it’s named after. Ob-La-Di is one of the most Instagrammed coffee shops in Paris for its turquoise tiles, marble walls, bright copper pipes—and of course fantastic coffee!

HiP tip: Fancy a tea instead? Ob-La-Di also has a superb tea selection to keep you moving and grooving without as much caffeine.

Left: a photo of a female worker at Café Marlette, standing in the doorway of the shop with her hands behind her back and wearing a mask. Right: a photo of a black coffee in a green mug, with a half eaten cake next to it on a white plate with a silver spoon.
Café Marlette

Café Marlette

Located near the top of the trendy rue des Martyrs is a superb spot for those after a coffee and something sweet on the side: Café Marlette. Soak up the beautiful atmosphere and people watch at the 9éme’s finest while drinking a creamy latte accompanied with a delicious homemade cake.

HiP tip: Grab a table on the terrace and enjoy your coffee under the leafy green trees.

Left: a photo of someone holding a fresh coffee, taken from an above angle where you can see their green and pink floral pants and beige shoes.  Right: a photo of a worker standing outside the I / O coffee shop in Paris, with a terrace with no people.
Left: @thecooldentist / Right: @elliegawlowska

i/o cafe

Wanting a tasty coffee that’s also Instagramable? Check out i/o in the third arrondissement. i/o serves its coffee and teas in adorable artesian mugs—so adorable and popular that you can buy them at the shop! Park up here and pick a top-notch hot beverage of your pleasing from their vast menu.

HiP tip: Can’t decide what to drink? Try the matcha coffee to have you feeling funky fresh.

Left: a photo of a girl sitting with a coffee on a Paris terrace, on a red bendh and golden tables. Right: a photo of the inside of the Paris Substance Coffee shop in Paris, with the barista preparing coffees on a red coffee machine.
Left: @katiedonnelly_ / Right: @narita.damian

Substance Café

Although a bit on the pricier end, Substance Café is one of the hottest coffee spots around right now for those seeking a unique coffee experience. Its spunky and award-winning barista owners have a no sugar, no takeaway, and no food policy, allowing you to truly enjoy coffee in its purest form.   

HiP tip: Although you can’t get a takeaway coffee, you can take away fresh beans! Substance has a wide array of coffee products available to purchase in-store if you just can’t get enough – which is likely!


Left: a photo of a woman holding a fresh coffee in a green mug up close where we can only see her hands and her floral skirt. Right: a photo of a coffee cup labeled Le Peloton café, being held on the Seine in Paris.
Le Peloton Café

Le Peloton Café

Unlike Substance Café, this joint is perfect for those on the go—specifically on a bike! Run by the New Zealanders who founded Bike About Tours, Le Peloton Café serves up one of the best drip coffees in town. Pop by while on your way to Le Marais or for a walk along the Seine.

HiP tip: Peckish? Try their homemade waffles! A great takeaway treat to warm you up on a cold day.

Left: an upclose photo of a man holding a Le Peloton Café coffee cup, who is also wearing a black shirt with a bicycle on it in the background. Right: a photo of a blue vintage mini car outside the Ob-La-Di cafe in Paris, on an empty street.
Left: Le Peloton Café / Right: Ob-La-Di Café


Ob-La-Di – 54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003

Café Marlette – 51 rue des Martyrs, 75009 (for their other locations, click here!)

i/o Cafe 16 rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003

Substance Café30 rue Dussoubs, 75002

Le Peloton Café17 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004

Left: a photo of workers making coffee inside the I / O coffee shop in Paris. Right: a photo of a table with hot coffees, croissants, water and spoons on a terrace in Paris.
Left: @jielinz / Right: @knzea

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Verity McRae

Verity is a Kiwi expat and hobby writer currently living in Paris. Before moving to the other side of the world in 2020, she worked as a PR consultant at a corporate communications agency in New Zealand for three years. Later this year Verity will begin a masters degree in Paris in pursuit of an international career in communications. In her spare time, you can find Verity wandering in and out of Parisian bookshops, sat down with a coffee at her favourite cafe Loustic or going for scenic runs along the Seine.

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