A French Country Home Dream: Buying near Bordeaux, France

by Doni Belau
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Doni Belau

Doni Belau is the founder and creator of Girls’ Guide to Paris, a website and online guide to Paris. This September her new book, Paris Cocktails, was published by Cider Mill Press. Join Doni on Dec. 2nd at New York's Le District for a book signing, cocktail tasting, and holiday party planning event or in Chicago at Debi Lily’s Parisian Loft on Dec. 9th. Tickets required. View Doni Belau's Website

7 comments on “A French Country Home Dream: Buying near Bordeaux, France

I knew those pics looked familiar – it seems we’re neighbors! I moved to Libourne four years ago with my french hubby and I’ve fallen in love with the area – the vineyards, the wines and the charming vendors at the marché here in town. There is a quiet beauty about life here. Your farmhouse sounds fabulous!

I know exactly what you mean!

I went to holiday in a chateau (I’m sure you have heard of it – chateau rigaud in castillon la bataille, run by my lovely friend Anna Barwick) and realised I could get my french dream there too. Now we have a house on the banks of the dordogne too!! We are near sainte foy la grande.

If you ever fancy a glass of Crement over next summer and to share local tips do get in touch!

Beautiful post, this is one of my favourite areas of France, divine, thanks for sharing. Millie :.-)

Just found you + your new home sounds delightful + Hello from S CA.

Lovely post! The pictures say it all–you don’t even need to explain your reason for moving there. I would move there in a heartbeat!

We have traveled in this area and agree it is very beautiful. We spent 6 weeks in the Dordogne a few years ago with our then 14 year old daughter. We currently own a fraction of an apartment in Paris and visit when we can. How did you overcome the visa/immigrant laws to live in France if you are not a French citizen?

I loved reading this post. I am a Bostonian, new to France. My husband and I just moved ourselves and 4 children to Paris. I am anxious to visit the south of France. Thank you for sharing your part of the world! it sounds lovely.

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