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Delicate Asian Flavors Delight Diners at Yam’Tcha Restaurant in Paris

by Krista Stein
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Krista Stein

Krista, a native of Philadelphia USA, lived in Paris for three years, continuing a tradition started by her grandmother (who lived and attended art school in Paris during the 1920s). Though now back in New York, Krista travels and eats regularly in France and elsewhere in the world. Her appreciation for food was sparked by growing up in a family where cooking everything from scratch was the norm, living on a farm as a child, and working in her family's restaurants as a young adult. She works as a Vice President in Marketing for American Express. View Krista Stein's Website

5 comments on “Delicate Asian Flavors Delight Diners at Yam’Tcha Restaurant in Paris

Is there a reason why you refer to this restaurant as Japanese versus Chinese. The name of the restaurant refers to the Chinese words drinking tea or going for dim sum. Adeline takes her inspiration from Chinese gastronomy and worked in Hong Kong. The images of the tea pots are a special type of tea often served before a Chinese meal not a Japanese one.

Genevieve Sandifer

Hi @francochine, thanks for bringing that to our attention! Definitely our mistake. I adjusted the article to reflect the fact that the influences are indeed Chinese, not Japanese. Thanks for reading!

This sounds like a great restaurant and this pairing menu looks delicious we are always looking for good Asian recommendations in Paris thank-you Krista.

Hi Heather. Did you try calling? I am not sure how far in advance you need to book here . . .otherwise, I would ask if they have a waitlist? Good luck and let us know if you get in! -Erica

Any tips for getting a reservation? We are visiting the first week of December but I did not get organized enough to make one weeks ago.

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