Giveaway: Paris Travel Posters by Obvious State

by Evan Robertson

Nichole and Evan Robertson of Obvious State (formerly Little Brown Pen) have been helping us keep our Paris dream alive through their colorful, oh-so-Paris prints for years now. Today, we’re thrilled to be giving away three sets of their gorgeous new travel posters, throwback prints designed by Evan. You can win one right here on the blog, one on our facebook page, and one on Pinterest! HiP Paris readers also get 20% off orders on the Paris Print Shop. Instructions for winning after the jump…-Geneviève. Please note: this giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners!
HiP Paris Blog, Obvious State

I love travel posters – both for the sense of adventure they instill, and the way they allow the artist to take a complex subject like a city and distill it to a simple icon.

When it comes to Paris, it’s no secret that my wife Nichole and I have a penchant for the pedestrian pleasures. So with this project, my aim was to create a series of travel-poster-inspired illustrations, but with a twist: to focus on the moments that you enjoy now and remember fondly later, rather than on the monuments, which instead serve only as an architectural backdrop. The result is a series of four prints that give a playful prominence to the things you do over the things you see.

HiP Paris Blog, Obvious State

Each incorporates a classic Paris monument into the background, forming a kind of blueprint against which the action plays out – a walk in the rain, a rest at a cafe, a bicycle ride, and a champagne toast.

Each print measures 13×19 and is printed on a gorgeous, heavy matte, fine art paper with slight texture.

I’m thrilled to offer three complete sets to HIP readers, and I hope you enjoy them!

HiP Paris Blog, Obvious State

1). Leave a comment here on this blog post for one chance to win
2). Like Haven in Paris on Facebook, leave a comment on the giveaway post, and share it with your friends for a second chance to win
3). Follow HiP Paris on Pinterest and repin the giveaway post for a third chance to win

The prints are available in The Paris Print Shop. HIP readers can save 20% by entering HIP13 at checkout. – Evan

Written by Evan Robertson, co-founder of Obvious State for the HiP Paris Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

Written By

Evan Robertson

Evan Robertson is the co-founder of Obvious State--a multidisciplinary creative studio--he runs with his wife Nichole. In addition to the Paris Traveler Series, his recent work includes bringing the words of his favorite authors, philosophers and thinkers to life via the Illustrated Quotation project. View Evan Robertson's Website

280 comments on “Giveaway: Paris Travel Posters by Obvious State

Love the prints. They would look awesome on my sunporch which we are turning into an area for enjoying wine and visiting.

I am planning a trip with my daughter.

Love these all, especially the umbrella print- so beautiful and whimsical!

Done and done 🙂 I love the umbrella one! After a wonderful year and a half in Paris I’m leaving this summer, and I’d love to be able to have one of these prints to frame in my next apartment to remind me of my time in Paris.

I’ve eyed these prints for ages. LOVE them!

Beautiful designs! I hope to have these in my apartment 😉

Olivia Cummings

Just perfect! I love them! I’ve done everything required to enter 😉



Those are beautiful posters! So vintage and trendy all at the same time!

Love Love LOVE these posters!!! Tres magnifique!

I try to spend as much time in Paris as I can. These are the perfect posters. I didn’t see any expiration date-so if possible, just go ahead and put me at the head of the line. Just kidding.

These posters are so perfect. I love the one with the flutes and the eiffel tour, gorgeous design.

OMG, they are really tres joli, I like them!

J’adore les posters!

Beautiful! J’adore!

J’aime beaucoup! I would love to win the posters, they are amazing!

These are gorgeous and I’m absolutely buying a few for my home!

Andrea Donaldson

Like the streets of Paris, crisp Chanel black, and jewel-like gold. Posters to bring Paris to life in my home..

Vraiment magnifique!

Suzanne Labarthe

My 18 year old needs your posters for her dorm room! She’s completely enamored with Paris. Beautiful graphics!

I need these prints WOW!!!!

Great art posters.

Ooh la la! Love these prints (and all the other Obvious State creations)!

Great giveaway!

Oh yes oh yes! The black and gold is an absolute dream.

Tres joli… love the colour palette!

i would love to have these, they look fun and wonderful! 🙂

LOVE these!! A friend of mine who’s currently living in Paris just purchased a set this morning as a birthday present to herself. ~ Denise


Love these. They remind me of my trip to Paris when I was 19.

Ah! They’re so original in the color scheme! Really lovely 🙂 Thank you for giving everyone a chance to win!

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs

OH, I love them all! Thanks for the opportunity!

Love the colors and the simple themes. Wonderful scenes.

Gorgeous! Would love these for my wall.

Wow! And how clever. Got my fingers crossed to win – they’d be perfect for our ‘Paris’ table at our wedding, in honour of our engagement. 🙂 x

Wow these are so beautiful! I love Paris and I love these prints.

These are classic! Love them.


I think the way you have taken Paris, the grand and magnificent, and overlapped it with Paris, the sweet and personal, is brilliant. That is part of what makes Paris so eternally captivating – it is so many things all at once. I am addicted to your etsy shop – thank you ( both) for inspiring me with your art.

These are so beautiful and would make an amazing addition to any space! Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

Paris is where my heart is… and always will be.

Beautiful prints! Just grabs my hart ♡
I’ve been looking for some items to put on my room wall but couldn’t really find anything attractive.. But yesss eventually I found it!
Thank you for doing such a nice giveaway!!!

love love love them….


These are amazing and I would love to win!!

I love these posters! I really hope I’m not too late to win a set!

Love these posters and love this blog!

How do I say how happy I am to find this blog, via a friend in Saigon, as well as admit that I’d love to win the posters?

Oh yes please!

They are fantastic!

Such wonderful art that would be great in so many places. I must check out the site to see what else they have. A large closet, bathroom, bedroom, I could go on and on. Love this blog; always feel a bit younger and ready to try something new after reading each day. THANKS!

Claudia Gilchrist

Evan , these are very clever! I have been to paris 3 times & my fiends that have never been, just don’t get the obsession with me! I have had a Paris bathroom every since my first trip. I always collect posters & have them where I can find space. The posters just remind me of something wonderful that I experienced while there! Always planning my next trip! Would love these posters for my hall!
You are a clever artist

I hope it’s not too late to enter! I did the pinterest & fb stuff too!

I have a blank wall for this set! Let it be me!!

Little Pieces of Light

I would love to win this giveaway! I’ve always been a big fan of Evan’s prints and these are simply beautiful. I especially love the one of the Maison Grotti chair. 🙂

Thank you so much for the chance to win this giveaway!


[Broken link]

Forgot to mention second entry for me- now following HiP Paris on Pinterest- great boards!

I have been coveting these illustrations!!! How timely for your giveaway.
I adore The Paris Print Shop and wish I had enough wall space for all their work!

Evan has elevated the Parisienne poster into an almost jigsaw style… where complementary shapes imply complementary experiences… champagne by Eiffel, umbrellas discarded at the entrance, and flowers that move with you.

An original aesthetic if you will. I commend his courage for not shying away from a simple geometry and palette, and for not taking cover in the all too common metaphors of ‘poster art’.

Good Show.

These are so chic! Love the café chairs!

So lovely!!! Would look fabulous in my home and would remind me of past trips to Paris and my impending trip in April- went to Paris for the first time 10 years ago, got engaged near the Eiffel Tower 4 years ago and will be celebrating my 3 year anniversary in Paris next month.

I love these! I’ve got a charcoal drawing of the Arc de Triomphe in my bedroom that I got my first trip to Paris. These would be a perfect addition!

Fantastic prints. Love your other prints at your website as well.

These are a lovely prints, great reminders of Paris!

I love these posters! I’m going to Paris for the first time with my hubby and these would be great for that big empty wall in our bedroom as a reminder or our romantic trip! 🙂

Elizabeth G. Howard (@smallstate)

I absolutely love your work. I hope I win!

Love the prints! I am a big fan of Obvious State.

These posters are lovely!So chic.

Unique and beautiful. Love everything in The Paris Print Shop!

this would be perfect.. i’m going to paris for the first time in May and would love to display these in my home as a memory of my trip!

These are stunning!

These are beautiful! Hope I win one.

C’est vraiment formidable . . . plus rendered in all the colours I love – rich & glamorous. J’adore Travel Posters, and my pretty PARIS – it has been a while since I last saw her, boo hoo sniff sniff. They would look so lovely on my petit Bistro kitchenette walls. Love it, gosh I can only hope and dream, merci!

They are lovely and need to be on my walls!!

Stunning, would love these on my wall!

I have to be in this comp!x

These prints are tres magnifique! They would look absolutely spectacular in my new home- if I can’t get to Paris, I’ll bring Paris to me!

LOVE these posters!!! So gorgeous. Hope I win!!

Cristina VanAlstine

I would love these so much! I would use them in our chic future nursery 🙂

Heidi Katterhenry

I love the tower and glass poster. these all bring back such good memories.

So elegant and…well…Parisian!

Love the Champagne one, reminds me of drinking Verve while the Eiffel got its sparkle on <3

Love, love, love!

I love travel posters too! And of course Paris 🙂 This is a great set.

These are so gorgeous! I would love to win! 🙂

A stunning set 🙂

These are just gorgeous, and remind me of all the things I love about Paris!

I love these prints! perfect for the empty spot on my walls

Well done! Reminiscent of Erté.

I love these prints!! I’ve been to Paris many time and I am beginning to plan my next adventure there……

Gorgeous prints, classic art deco Parisian style.

Gorgeous prints!

WOW!! I love Paris and these prints are gorgeous! We are decorating our condo and have the perfect place to place them! Would really treasure them.

What beautiful prints. I’ve been daydreaming about Paris a lot lately. These will probably not help. 🙂

Really great!
You felt the essence of Paris in your posters!
Congratulations from a Parisian

Beautiful posters, I would love to display them in my Paris studio!

Jennifer Sullivan

Paris is one of my favorite places- love these posters!

I love these posters. I want them all!! 🙂

love love love!!!!
gorgeous iconography!

I absolutely adore these prints. Can’t wait to go back to Paris!

Those posters are very lovely!

The Moving Foodie

What beautiful prints and so typically Parisian in style! These would make a great addition to my Art Nouveau / Paris decor theme at my wedding this summer 🙂

Nice prints – Would love to win these!

Marguerite Guinn

Love the posters! They truly bring to mind some of the things that I remember from my trip to Paris!

Beautiful prints! Glad I can see more of your work on Facebook 🙂

Just happy to have found HIP for some time now and often marvelling at the stuff you find to inform about!
and YESSSSS, I’d love to get a set of Paris posters, all the more as we’re selling our house outside Paris and will – in the future – only coming as visitors – wouldn’t it be lovely to have a permanent reminder!!!

Lovely and stylish, capturing the Parisian spirit!
Would be thrilled to decorate with these…

Beautiful images of a remarkable city!

want these!! lovely prints!

I love these prints! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win them. My one trip to Paris was a dream come true. The prints would be a lovely reminder.

These are perfect!
“America is my country, and Paris is my home town.” – Gertrude Stein

Who doesn’t love Paris? Thanks for all of your great travel tips!

W O N D E R F U L ! Delightful. Classic.

Love, love, love these!

These prints are just stunning. Classy, but cute 🙂

Love these! Heading over in April. Can’t wait!!!

Beautiful prints! I’m hoping to travel to Paris for the very first time later this year… it will be a dream come true! xxx

I have just the perfect spot for one of these gorgeous prints!

Greetings from Treaty 6 Territory, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada! These beautiful prints twould keep my heart happy as the winter blues keep nagging.

Great prints. Well done Evan.

Evan, you’ve captured these moments perfectly. It’s true, we enjoy all these activities and the glorious backdrop is just a complement to the moments. And these evoke those fond times. I really like your work.


Paris, je t’aime!

I think the umbrella one should be for a walk in the snow!

Seeing Paris for the very first time, this coming September! Love this blog and the posters….to die for!


I live here, and these posters capture the essence of Special Moments in Paris. I’d love to see the series extended with themes of pastries, street markets, and the chairs in the parks (all classic “dids”). Great job. I hope I win.

Almost as good as being there! I love Paris.

Mmmmm..very art deco paris.I love them!

oh I think my comment disappeared! I think what I said was that these are such lovely posters and they bring back such lovely memories. I doubt if I will ever get back to Paris again, age is catching up but…
I have followed your blog for quite a while now and love it.

oh such memories. I really love these, dont usually go in for giveaways but.. I may never get back to Paris again, age is catching up but…

PARIS Je t’aime <3

I love Paris!

I love, love, love them all!

I have not been to Paris but my heart is aching to go and it is the one thing that I will do one day.

… what a great reminder of a trip I made to Paris – would love to win the prints!

These prints are absolutely beautiful! I just moved and have been looking for some wall decorations and these would be perfect – especially because they remind me of my favourite travels to France!

I simply adore these prints! What a wonderful giveaway!

Clare x

I love the juxtaposition of daily life with architecture! So pretty.

Amazing, it captures every day life and the beauty of Paris.

Kristin McNamara Freeman

I have “liked” Haven in Paris” on Faacebook

Kristin McNamara Freeman

These are wonderful, please pick me! I follow your blog and really enjoy it.

i love the bicycle/cathedral print. it all fits together so nicely, i almost didn’t notice at first.

Simple and stunning- great prints! Thank you for introducing them to us.

These posters are absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to have them in my home to remind me of the wonderful experiences I’ve had in Paris…and to remind me to dream of Parisian adventures still to come!

I love, love these prints!!! Please pick me 🙂

The champagne glasses remind me of my summer in the champagne region. I fell in love with French and those vineyards are so beautiful!

I love this posters! I think Nichole and Evan do great work. I have one of their Paris photography sets, and I love it!

My heart belongs in Paris, these prints bring me there 🙂

I love this artist and the prints, I love them all so much!! 🙂

I love the idea of honoring the experience! I would be thrilled to have any of them.

Wow I love them all!

Je les adores! How beautifully they capture the memories of the moments! Going to le belle Paris for a second honeymoon this summer…counting the minutes!

We love Paris and these posters would be a perfect reminder of our trips there. The artwork is gorgeous and the posters beautiful!

These are clever, stunning, and making me very nostalgic for my time living in Paris. Oh how perfect (and tempting) they would be hanging on my walls!

I need these!!! Must have these awesome posters. My living room is all black, white and gold with a French flair. I need these so much!!!

I love these! My husband & I are returning to Paris in April and I can’t wait. These prints are charming. LOVE them! :o)

I love these! My husband and I are returning to Paris in April and I can’t WAIT!!! These prints are so charming! :o)

Oh! These would be so perfect over my mantel. I’ve waited 8 years to find the right thing to put there & these are definitely RIGHT. Sigh. Paris, je t’aime.

Your blog has been fantastic help as I plan my first trip to Paris. Thanks!

Your blog has been fantastic help as I plan my first trip to Paris. Thank you!

Juste magnifique! I’m nearing the end of my third and final (for now) year living in la Capitale, and I’d like to move away with some visual reminders of my time in a city I love. These prints would be great!

I recently purchased your book Paris in Color, which led me to your blog. Absolutely beautiful photos. Your work is amazing and I would love to add your prints to my collection.

I’m a sucker for a picture of a bike 🙂

Ooh, I would love to be entered to win a set of these gorgeous posters!

Stunning! Making me wish I was there even more!

Just…. Beautiful

These are so beautiful! They capture the feeling and spirit of my favorite moments in Paris.

Beautiful posters! Would match my decor AND be a nice sentimental piece to remind me of my trip there this past new years.

So gorgeous, makes me want to go back!!

Going on my honeymoon to Paris soon — would LOVE these to put up in our bedroom back at home to remember our trip! Thanks 🙂

Paris me manque!! Pick me! 🙂

What lovely prints! It’s hard to pick a favorite!

Wow! What a wonderful way to recall Parisian days

Love the color combinations and especially the bike print! Brings back fond memories of Paris for me 🙂

Just love these prints ! I live in Paris, really close from the Champs-de-Mars (Eiffel Tower site), so they would be perfect in my parisian studio… ^^

I long to visit Paris!

Taking my first trip to Paris in April!! So excited!!! Love all the fun tips on this blog!

These are absolutely wonderful! Captures what Paris is all about!

I have a very special place in my heart for Paris!

Love these posters so clever….and love Paris….and am looking for new art for my walls….so I would really like to win!

In love with these lovely posters. Fell in love with Paris last year on my first visit; constantly dreaming of my return…

I love, love, love these prints and would love to win a set for my living room.

They’re very distinctive. Je les aime.

gorgeous is an understatement! this prints are a dream of every room, especially mine!

These are fabulous! I just love them!

I love the print with the champagne glasses and the Eiffel Tower. I love your site and the Obvious State. Thanks.

I love the Arc de Triomphe print!

I hope I win 🙂
I love the print with the bicycle!!! And I love your blog !

I would love to win these! I have two sets of Nichole’s Paris in Color series already and have been contemplating which of Evan’s illustrations to get. Thanks for hosting!

They would be perfect for my new apartment 🙂

I love them. Thanx a lot for the give away. Hope I can have one. Fingers crossed! 😉

Love your work Nichole and Evan!! Merci !!! I would love to win THIS set. I’m surrounded by my beautiful framed prints of Paris in Color, the yellow set and the white set. Look through the book everyday. I’m lucky to be able to spend 3 months a year in Paris and your pictures help me endure the other 9 months!!! Merci. Georgette

What beautiful prints! Reminder of the wonderful trips I’ve had to Paris.

Love these prints!

Yes! Yes, please! (And, thank you!!)


I love these and love Paris!!! ❤

I also followed you on Pinterest and pinned the giveaway to my Francophiles board.

I already had two of these prints in my Etsy cart! I would love to win, but if not I’ll definitely take advantage of the 20% off.

love this…can you win this if you live in Canada?

I’ve fallen in love with Paris after visiting the city for the first time last summer.. I haven’t been able to stop thinking and dreaming about the city since and cannot wait to go back! x

These are lovely and so nostalgic! Would love to display and relive the moments. 🙂

These posters are amazing! The designs are genius. I can’t wait until July when Paris becomes my home!!

These are lovely! Would go great with my Paris themed decor.

I absolutely love these prints. My room is inspired by Nichole’s artwork. Thank you HiP Paris Blog for allowing us an opportunity to win a set!

These are fantastic!

Andrea aka @3samovar

they wçould look great anywhere in our apartment!

Downright effervescent!

Michele | Just a Lil Lost

These are GORGEOUS. I absolutely love Paris.. Visited for my first time last year and I actually have an annual Paris Month on my blog in April 🙂

Would love to win these – thank you for the opportunity!

These are lovely. I can’t remember where I saw them (somewhere else on the web) and I really thought them to be snazzy.

Those are so lovely

Daughter heading to Paris for first time to study abroad, these would make a great Bon Voyage gift!

I would love these prints to remember my Paris adventure when I go back to the states!

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for all these chances to win!

I love these! They’re a great example of Evan’s work.

s’il vous plaît!

Love your blog and love these prints! They would look great in my new “Paris room!”

J’adore! 🙂

I NEED a little Paris in my life right now! Being a high school teacher and trying to save for a trip to Paris is a pretty far stretch!

I just moved to Paris and any of these lovely prints would be the perfect accompaniment to my flat.

What a beautiful set of prints… timeless.

beautiful prints!

Tres Chic! I wish I was in Paris right now 🙂

Love these posters and love your site! I also love renting your apartments. My daughter and I have rented a couple of them and just love living like a Parisian for a week at a time!

I would love to enter the giveaway and did all three steps…

vicky @

I already have one of these prints, but I would love the complete set. They’re all gorgeous!

Such gorgeous prints!

I love the black & gold color combo! C’est tres chic!!

i would love to go to paris for my 50th birthday next year! x

Tres chic !! I love Paris and I love these prints!

LOVE these prints!!!

I love these prints. Thanks for the chance to win them!

They are beautiful.

btfl blog & posters! Thanks for the chance to win one! regards from zagreb!

Great posters! We’ve been looking for a set like these.

I LOVE these prints, so quintessential! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love love love!

Very cool stuff!

Prints that produce a Parisian state of mind; so lovely to feel Paris. Classy and sophisticated. Beautiful.

Reminds me of my summer in Paris. Love it!

Would LOVE to win one of these! Been eyeing them for ages. Hopefully they’ll brighten up my tiny little Parisian apt!

Love the look of this set, beautiful!

Gorgeous Paris prints…and I love the Fitzgerald poster you did too!

Love these! Thanks for posting them!

These are beautiful! I would love to win them!

j’adore! tellement chic 🙂

These would be perfect for when I move back to the States to remember my year here in Paris <3

I love posters! We try to pick up vintage posters from all of our vacations as our souvenir. I’ve desperately wanted a print that incorporates a bicycle, that would be my pick but the cafe chairs is a close second.

These prints are beautiful and exquisitely illustrated. Would love a set at home!

These are so modern and fun!

LOVE! Fantastic work!

This are absolutely beautiful. I have had my eye on them for awhile. Perfect tribute to Paris!

Adorable prints, thank you for the chance to win!

Oh I would just love to snag a pair of these posters! Everybody in my entourage wouldn’t hear the end of how fantastic my walls would look!

I absolutely adore these prints! Completely transports me back to Paris!

Beautiful design and thoughtful concept; well done!

Those prints are lovely! I would love a chance to win them 🙂 Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway! Cheers!

Ahhh, Paris! Oui, oui, oui!

Beautiful prints! Hopefully I’ll be able to add one to my home 🙂

Just beautiful!
I would be thrilled if they came all the way to Argentina

Love the one with the Notre Dame – my favorite landmark in Paris! And the basket of flowers also reminds me of all the iconic balconies of Paris apartments!

These are absolutely wonderful! Love them!

Beautifully designed and illustrated. Paris is always a good idea 😉

ils sont beaux

Beautiful posters! Wish I was in Paris right now.

These are so beautiful and elegant. The colours are stunning too – very old Chanel.

Meg - De quelle planète es-tu?

I just love these. The colors are perfect. It certainly is the little moments that count!

These prints are simply gorgeous! I’m traveling back to Paris this May, 25 years after my first visit, and these prints make me even more excited!

I am in love with your work! (And I hope I win!)

Such beautiful prints!
Have repinned the posts on Pinterest (Elle Bee), Sent it to twitter (AwkwardCornerr) Liked and shared the facebook post,
And this is my comment on the blog for a chance to win! These are so stunning!

Ellen xx

Wow – I am a commuting fellow between Munich and Paris and these prints would add the Paris flavour to my Munich home! Fingers crossed!

I Heart All things Paris and love these reminders~

Beautiful posters! Love all of them!

love these prints so much!

Super work! Such attention to detail. No one could mistake those posters for anywhere but Paris.

Hi! I love Paris and these prints translate the feel of being there. I already have a place reserved for them in my living room. 🙂

These are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win one!

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