Gluten-Free in Paris: The’ Best Gluten Free Restaurants & Bakeries in Paris

by Veggie Magnifique

Editor’s note: This week we continue with our theme of starting the new year with a focus on healthy living and wellbeing. We’re so happy to have this second contribution from Ann and Chloe, founders of Veggie Magnifique, who take us on a tour of the top gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in Paris. 


There’s a reason why our mental image of a Parisian features a striped-shirt-wearing specimen carrying a baguette, the French after all love nothing more than a loaf of crusty bread- but does this mean you should hit up London instead if you’re gluten free? Non.

Wild & the Moon

The truth is, there’s never been a better time to be gluten-free in Paris. Tout le monde has a friend, cousin, spouse, or neighbor who can’t handle the gluten these days, making for a beautiful case of supply and demand. Paris is now home to an ever-increasing amount of gluten-free bakeries, restaurants, and hole-in-the-wall eateries – from poshy-posh to grab-and-go.

So without further a-glu, here are our top faves…



Go here: For hearty and satisfying home cooking.

Yem’a is the newest kid in town. Situated just above Madeleine, Yem’a has met a massive need of this quartier by feeding the hungry masses with wholesome and delicious food. The restaurant is perfect for a quick sit down on your lunch break, or for grabbing a copious quinoa-packed buddha bowl on the go. Trust us, you won’t leave hungry. All vegan, all gluten-free, all yummy. Make sure to try that chick pea bake, and the carrot coconut curry. {Watch our vlog here. }

Daniel Cuklev / Taylor Kiser

5 Lorette

Go here: To detox your bod and delight your taste buds.

Hands down zee place to go for the healthiest food in Paris. Chef Faical is not only a genius in high vitality cuisine, but he’s also committed to reducing waste – i.e. he uses the juice pulp to make their yummy gluten-free crackers in the dehydrator. Plus, the dedicated owner Rina is as warm and welcoming as their potage soup. We love their seasonal creations, especially their “raw” nori rolls and roasted veggies, and the deco is très chic. Everything is gluten-free and uber-healthy! {Watch our vlog here.}

La Guinguette D’Angèle


Go here: When you’re craving carbs.

Wait… does that mean no more… bread?!*insert look of horror found on every person’s face who’s been told they have a gluten intolerance*

Gratefully, no, it doesn’t. Not anymore.

Nowadays, benevolent baking geniuses have made amazing advancements, making gluten-free bread almost as chewy as a pain de tradition, and certainly more nutritious. Most of these geniuses can be found at Chambelland — the holy “grain” of gluten-free bakeries. Sesame, poppy seed, nutty… Chambelland is a bread paradise for the no-glutenous The only downside is that, sadly for us vegans, there aren’t that many pâtisseries without eggs or dairy, but then that sweet vegan bread confection eases the pain.

Brenda Godinez

Sunday Brunch at L’Alcazar

Go here: For a posh, superfood-filled brunch.

We had our doubts about a brunch buffet, classic foodies that we are, but chef Angèle Ferreux-Maeght’s magic won us over with her sumptuous menu filled with exotic superfoods and fancy combinations.

Not only is the food abundant and refined, but the ambiance at the Alcazar is one of the best in Paris. Plants cascade from every direction, and handsome waiters bring you sparkling new forks when you drop yours (because you might). Yes, you pay top dollar, but you can eat for three, if that’s your jam.

So should you be in the mood to bouffe (meaning really eat in French), or pregnant with triplets, this is the place to go. We highly recommend the coconut tapioca-chia pudding, the veggie tagine, and the lentil and watercress salad.

La Guinguette D’Angèle

La Guinguette D’Angèle

Go here: When you’re in a rush.

La Guinguette d’Angèle is a real treat for your palate, and all your senses. Words that come to mind: vibrant, beautiful, balanced, and… quick! Another one of superstar healthy chef Angèle’s hotspots, this one takes the cake for being the healthiest “fast” food in Paris, and it’s 100% gluten-free. So grab a colorful veggie bowl, a fresh juice, and some power energy balls, and be on your way!

Wild & the Moon

Wild & The Moon

Go here: When you’re feeling gorgeously moody and boho.

Who needs gluten when you can have banana cake, buckwheat granola, and a juice called The Tiger?

This is not the place you show up to with a voracious appetite, mind you. This is where you go for energy-boosting brekkie, to meet a friend for a chocolate chaga drink, or to feel uber hipster and boho-wholesome. So cue the man-bun or top-knot, go for a Matcha Mylk or Better than Botox juice, and you’ll come out feeling healthy and hip to boot.

 Yem’a / Veggie Magnifique 

And an honorable mention goes to…


Go here: For tea and cake!

Laélo is an adorable hole-in-the-wall smack dab in the middle of “veggie town.” Their home-cooked fare, cantine-style vibe, and charming deco make it one of our new fave hang outs. Not everything here is gluten free, but most of it is… including some gorgeous fudgy cakes and elegant pâtisseries. If you’re anything like us, we had you at “fudge.”

We hope you’ll try these hot spots for glutinous minimus. Let us know in the comments below if you try them, and what you think!

Until next time, we remain your hungry, healthy-eating golden girls,

Ann & Chloe 

Veggie Magnifique

Yem’a – 41 rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009. Open Monday to Saturday 9h to 19h. Métro: St. Augustin (ligne 9) +33 (0)1 42 94 07 73.

5 Lorette – 5 Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009. Open Tuesday to Wednesday 12h to 15h, Thursday to Saturday 12h to 15h and 19h30 to 22h30. Métro: Notre Dame de Lorette (ligne 12) +33 (0)1 42 06 59 28.

Chambelland – 14 rue Ternaux, 75011. Open Tuesday to Saturday 9h to 20h and Sunday 9h to 18h. Métro: Parmentier (ligne 3) +33 (0)1 43 55 07 30.

L’Alcazar – 62 rue Mazarine, 75006. Open every day 12h to 15h and 19h to 2h. Métro: Saint Germain des Prés (ligne 4): +33 (0)1 53 10 19 99.

La Guinguette D’Angèle – 34 rue Coquillière, 75001. Open Tuesday to Saturday 11h to 15h30. Métro: Les Halles (ligne 4) +33 (0)9 80 61 25 49.

Wild & The Moon 55 rue Charlot, 75003. Open Monday to Friday 8h to 22h30 and Saturday to Sunday 9h to 22h30. Métro: Filles du Calvaire (ligne 8) +33 (0)1 86 95 40 46.

Laélo 63 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009. Open Monday to Saturday 9h to 20h and Sunday 9h to 17h. Métro: Cadet (ligne 7) +33 (0)1 42 29 85 29.

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