HiP Paris blog. Ambrym. Store location on Rue des Vinaigriers.

Gabrielle Gerard and Marion Jaubert, fashion school friends turned business partners, are the dynamic women behind Ambrym, a French label dedicated to sustainable and locally made fashion. Together they have created a line of clothing, and a shop in the 10th arrondissement, that resembles their unique stories as well as their shared history.

Their shop, next to the Canal St-Martin, looks exactly like what you’d imagine a space shared by two creative ladies would, sketches and paintings that inspire their designs are hung on the walls, while jewelry and clothing are lovingly presented. It’s immediately clear that this friendly and welcoming space was created by two amies. While the project is a collaboration, Gabrielle’s childhood and background heavily influence the collections.

HiP Paris blog. Ambrym. Designer Gabrielle's artwork.

Gabrielle grew up in the South Pacific among lagoons and banyan trees and also apprenticed in Paris’s Goutte d’Or neighborhood. The designer brings a tribal and exotic touch to Ambrym’s designs, which are often inspired by Gabrielle’s original water color paintings.

Ambrym uses organic, natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, and linen to produce made-in-France pieces reminiscent of faraway landscapes. The inspiration from abroad, mixed with current trends and urban influence, are essential to Ambrym and its designers, who assure the consumer of their need “to assert our ecological values while perpetuating ancestral knowhow.”

HiP Paris blog. Ambrym. Natural, sustainably sourced fabrics.

HiP Paris blog. Ambrym. Tribal inspired jewelry.

While charged with meaning and symbolism, Ambrym’s clothing remains poetic and playful. Light cotton pieces with intriguing details and special touches are both wearable and capable of sparking a conversation.

The current collection “Push the Sky Away” (inspired by lyrics from a Nick Cave song) incorporates airy colors and origami-inspired crane shapes. Geometric forms are also present in stunning accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and headbands that would make great gifts or souvenirs.

HiP Paris blog. Ambrym. Inspiration for current "Push the Sky Away" collection.

Each unique piece comes complete with an identification card upon purchase, giving the article’s place and date of birth, the origins of the materials used, and the name of the workshop in which it was made.

HiP Paris blog. Ambrym. Bright, colorful vitrine reflecting the playfulness of the pieces.

HiP Paris blog. Ambrym. Rue des Vinaigriers.

Ambrym- 22 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010. Tel: +33 (0)1 42 05 35 38

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