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L’épicerie du Verre Volé

With more and more people in Paris paying attention to the quality and origin of their food, it’s no surprise that independent, organic stores are increasingly popular. A focus on ingredient-based cooking in restaurants has inspired a focus on ingredients in the home and specialty food shops like Terroirs d’Avenir and L’épicerie du Verre Volé provide the everyday consumer with options for locally sourced and artisanal ingredients.

Bio Shops in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Emily Poulain

If you’re looking to go “bio”, or organic, in Paris, there are several options for certified organic shopping. Three open-air markets, Marché Batignolles, Marché Raspail, and Marché Brancusi, are exclusively organic- with everything from fruits and vegetables to meats and cheeses all cultivated respecting traditional and natural methods. If you can’t make it to the market, there are quite a few options for organic shopping in Paris. Chain stores such as the Monoprix group owned Naturalia and the swiftly expanding Bio C’ Bon abound and are easily found in most neighborhoods, but if you’re looking for something with more of a family-owned feel here are a few independent and ethically engaged organic shops that you shouldn’t miss:

Bio Shops in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Emily Poulain

Le Carillon d’Olivier is a precious, independently owned organic shop in the heart of Montmartre. While the sprawling terrasses of the rue des Abesses tourist-friendly restaurants have their appeal, your best bet for food in this area is self-catering an organic picnic and Le Carillon d’Olivier is just the place to stock up on bread, cheese, apples, and charcuterie.If you’re feeling thirsty, pop into the La Cave des Abbesses (43 rue des Abbesses, 75018) for a bottle of natural wine, including fantastic bubbly from the Loire region.

Le Carillon d’Olivier, 34 rue des Abesses, 75018

Le Retour à la Terre Rive Gauche a member of the biocoop collective of organic coops with stores all over France, this outpost in the 5th arrondissement stands out for its great location and superior selection of all things organic. The friendly staff is happy to help answer questions about the wide range of organic and homeopathic beauty and health products. The carefully curated selection of craft beers, natural wines, and other regional specialties make this biocoop a true joy to shop in. Pick up an in-house prepared organic quiche, tarte, sandwich, or salad from the deli counter and head to the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg for an organic déjeuner sur l’herbe.

Le Retour à la Terre Rive Gauche, 1 Rue le Goff. Tel: +33 (0)1 56 81 10 37.

Bio Shops in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Emily Poulain

Bien L’épicerie is the newest addition to the list of organic options. A google search will reveal nothing about this seemingly elusive shop, which has somehow managed to exist without a webpage or any online presence. However, a leisurely stroll in the Marais, just north of Place des Vosges, will take you to the doorstep of this modern organic shop, stocked with a selection of bulk goods, fresh produce, and organic juices, salads, and other healthy snacks.

Bien L’épicerie, 20 rue Saint Gilles, 75003.

Bio Shops in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Erica Berman

Le Carillon d’Olivier (Erica Berman)

Les Nouveaux Robinson is another organic cooperative, à la biocoop. With stores across Paris and France, these independently operated stores vary in size and selection. While technically just outside city limits, the Nouveux Robinson in Montreuil is a favorite among whole food loving Parisians. An easy trip on the line 9 will take you to this mecca of organic produce, which stocks 7,000 brands of organic foods and has one of the most impressive bulk food selections in the city. More than just a place to shop, this store is an institution and its warm welcome inspires conversation and exchanges among the loyal clientele.

Les Nouveaux Robinson, 49 rue Raspail, 93100 Montreuil-sous-Bois.

Bio Shops in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Emily Poulain

Canal Bio is a trailblazer in the organic food movement, claiming to be one of the first organic shops to open in the capital. Selling produits bio to the people since 1995, Canal Bio boasts an impressive selection of fresh bread, dried fruits and grains in bulk, and a large selection of natural cosmetics and household cleaners. Located near the banks of the Bassin de la Vilette, the shop is an ideal place to stop by and stock up for a canal-side picnic or apéro.

Canal Bio, 46 Quai de la Loire. Tel: +33 (0)1 42 06 44 44. 

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  1. Thanks for your kind comment, Salley! We’re so glad you enjoyed Le Carillon d’Olivier. You are absolutely correct that it is located at number 34 (La Cave des Abbesses is at number 43) – Erin/HiP

  2. Thanks so much for this writeup – just wanted to let you know that the one on Montmartre has the wrong address – it’s 34 Rue des Abbesse, not 43. Went there today and the people and produce are DELIGHTFUL, and fresher than the Naturalia up the street.

  3. HI Emily –

    I will be in Paris for a week in late july with my daughter who is vegan. She is ‘flexible’ enough to survive, but it would be fun to explore the vegan depths of Paris if they exist,.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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