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My Montmartre: Erica’s Favorite Spots In Montmartre

by Erica Berman
Written By

Erica Berman

Erica Berman grew up in Lexington, Mass. After graduating from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Journalism and an intensive summer at Middlebury College (Vermont), Erica went to Paris with hopes of submerging herself in French culture and perfecting her French -- and she stayed 20 years. Erica is the founder of the HiP Paris Blog and Haven In her former company. She now splits her time between Paris (Montmartre) and Maine (Midcoast). She recently started a non-profit growing organic produce for the food insecure in Maine called Veggies to Table. In her all-too-rare free time, Erica likes to travel off the beaten track, explore Paris and Maine, read, take photos, cook, kayak, hike and enjoy long Sunday brunches with her friends. View Erica Berman's Website

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16 comments on “My Montmartre: Erica’s Favorite Spots In Montmartre

Hello Erica. I’m a bit late I know, but can you tell us more about the people that live in Montmartre? Im working on a project and I’ve found very little information about the locals in Montmartre. I need to know what kinds of people typically live there, if you can help me I will be very thankful! Really good post by the way!

Thank You for this post, how wonderful and informative. The more you share, the more I want to come:) I must say that when I think of Paris, I don’t think of Starbucks and Subway:) I’ve heard that it is expensive to live there. I also heard that Americans are not well liked there. Could you shed some light on that. I hope that it is not true because I love Parisians:) If I win the lottery, I will definitely like to have a home there.

Silviu-Florin S.

The photographs are wonderful and your insights extremely helpful. Hopefully, I will get to visit Montmartre on my next visit to the fascinating city…

I loved Montmartre while I was in Paris for 2 weeks. Amazing neighbourhood.

Erica- HiP Paris

Thank you Nita! There are so many more places as well . . . and thank you Helen. I hope you have time to explore the neighborhood in September. And Many, yes KB (Kooka Boora) is fun and delicious. And Rose a treat. Enjoy and I hope you will have great weather in June. And Audrey, it is a little village, oui. Paris is made of many villages! – Erica

This is marvelous. Merci Beaucoup!

Lulu From Montmartre

Nice spots indeed ! If you leave in Montmartre, you will surely like !

Wow, thank you Lulu! I will be reading this with great interest!

I love this part of Paris ! Montmartre is a lovely neighborhood, makes me think of a little village. Thank you for these nice photos.

Mandy aka TheStickyFig

Ooh, thanks for this post. My husband and I are visiting Paris in early June and I’m always on the look-out for ‘little gems’ to track down. We loved Kooka Boora (or, KB, as it now seems to be called) but I’ll definitely head for Rose Bakery next time 🙂
Thanks again!

What a lovely story of Montmartre. Its clear how much you love this place and I have to agree with you, it is one of my favourites spots in Paris. I am coming to Paris again in September and I will visit again especially since I have always wanted to go to Rose Bakery!

Super list-I’m looking forward to checking these places out. Montmarte is one of my favorite neighborhoods!

Haven in Paris

Hi Lily, thank you for the comment. I agree that the brunch at Coquelicot is delicious for those who have time. They have the BEST house apricot jam.

Lily la Tigresse

Great round-up Erica! As a fellow montmartoise, I think this is well worth bookmarking for anyone spending time in the area or even stopping by on a dimanche apres-midi, the Coquelicot also does great (but slow) brunch!

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