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Dealer De Gourmandises

Montmartre has a new sweet spot as it welcomes the Dealer de Gourmandises, a candy shop featuring homemade, locally sourced, organic and artisanal products. Paul Fernandez, the shop’s energetic founder, is a young chef with a background in culinary design. After working in celebrated kitchens and chocolate shops such as La Chocolaterie de Jacques Génin, Paul decided to venture out on his own, establishing himself first as a private chef and caterer and now, with the opening of Dealer des Gourmandises, as a small business owner.

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“My creed is to use delicious local products that tell a story- I don’t like tomatoes from the supermarket!” Paul says. While the ambitious businessman is steadily building his empire, he hasn’t lost touch with his roots. He says he decided to open the shop in Montmartre because of the community he found there, “I love the ‘village’ spirit, which was a big part of my childhood- I grew up in the Pyrénées in a village of 300 people!”

Dealer De Gourmandises

The welcoming warmth of the cosy boutique, which offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch as well as take away bags of freshly made cookies and candies, makes visitors want to linger. “Our mission is to make you drool!” Paul says, “whether it be with soft caramels, homemade foie gras, or wine paired with cake.”

Dealer De Gourmandises

After opening for a short time earlier this year, the shop has been renovated and will reopen in early December. The updated version of the shop includes interactive treats and educational opportunities. “We have a new kitchen that customers can visit and discover our range of savory menu items as well as our wine cellar. We will also be proposing lunch and cooking workshops at the new shop and home delivery for those who can’t come see us.”

The new space and meal service have inspired Paul to expand the boutique’s selection well beyond his handmade sweets. “I’ll be stocking my own olive oil made using olive from hundred year old trees in the Pouilles region in Italy” Paul told me.

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Despite the expanding range of products available at Dealer des Gourmandises, Paul’s tastes remain classic. When asked what is the one thing every visitor should when coming to the shop Paul answered “Caramels!” adding, “but that’s a tough question because everything is delicious- or else I wouldn’t sell it!

Dealer des Gourmandises 6, rue androuet 75018

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