Badaude, the talented illustrator and Paris editor at the Style Bible, brings us here a few of Fall’s best looks, as portrayed by a random sampling of Parisiennes that happened to cross paths with her roving sketchbook.

Fall Woman Paris FashionValentin Otttone


Romantics can keep Paris in the Spring. The best season in my book has to be early fall.

When golden sunshine hits falling leaves in the Jardin du Luxembourg, you could almost be forgiven for thinking summer is still around. You could, actually, very well go on wearing your little summer outfits until twilight arrives to wrap you up in a little frisson of a chill — when all the Parisian girls in the cafes untwist and re-twist their scarves, tug at the cardigans that have oh-so-unintentionally drooped down their backs to their shoulders, and pin them back up with a little red pin that sparkles just-so against the gray cashmere.

The holidays are over. The rentrée has begun.

In other words, this is the best time for Parisienne-watching…

Fall Fashion Paris by Badaude Part 1

Fall Fashion Paris by Badaude Part 2

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Text and illustrations by Badaude for the HiP Paris Blog. For our amazing rentals in Paris, Provence & Tuscany check out our website Haven in Paris.

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Badaude (“a person given to idle observation of everything with wonder or astonishment; a credulous or gossipy idler”) is an award-winning illustrator who writes and draws a weekly column for The Times Fashion, and whose work has also appeared in The Guardian as well as many other publications worldwide. Artist-in-residence at legendary Paris bookshop, Shakespeare & Company and the Port Eliot Festival, she teaches at The Idler Academy and her illustrated book of London Walks is about to be published by the Tate. Her blog is a Webby Honoree.


  1. Badaude,

    That scarf choice sounds gorgeous! We’d love to see it, perhaps in your follow up! 🙂

    Haven in Paris

  2. Your comments are inspiring me to do a sequel: something more specific, tying down the elements, perhaps. Watch this space.

    I just got my new Paris scarf for fall: checked blue and brown cotton from APC Madras – the dead end of an online sale. And I have a sneaking feeling it was from the men’s department…

  3. I love autumn in Paris and it is so true that girls look extremally chic this time of the year. And especially in Paris 😉

  4. – Short hair: Check
    – Scarves: Check
    – Straight cut pants: Check
    – Boots: Check
    – Round-toe boots or other shoes: Check, and check

    Et voilà! Je suis Parisienne!

  5. Exciting look, but I am still in denial and pretending that it is still summer!

    I read with interest your notes about living in Italy (Rome was home to me for many years).

  6. The scarf is key. If you hunt carefully in the markets, you can save half the price of Indian scarves in the shops. Also seen around town are short, fitted black leather jackets worn with jeans and boots. This outfit is all you need to carry you through til spring.

  7. “Short hair” ?? hmmmm…
    The weather here is finally warming up and I am happy about that but I am still enjoying the scarf .. I have fallen into the addiction the women have here, similar to France… wearing a scarf all the time.
    Round toe shoes would definitely make me (and my feet) happy.
    I confess to the long sleeve thing, mostly because my arms must be short but sweater sleeves are always a bit too long 🙂
    Better to look faddish than stumpy armed, I say ..
    Thank you for this.. chau !

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