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La Cuisine Cooking Classes in Paris: HIP Paris Makes French Apple Tarts

by HiP Paris
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16 comments on “La Cuisine Cooking Classes in Paris: HIP Paris Makes French Apple Tarts

I’ll be in Paris for the month of July. I would love to take one of these classes while I am there!

Wonderful and interesting article.
I wish I could take part of la cuisine cooking classes. It looks so much fun.
Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Wonderful article and I must try the Crème Anglaise…Lovely!
Happy New Year!

Hoping you have had a lovely Christmas and lots of love for the New Year!

Ooh another great find for me to add to my list of ‘must do’s’ in France next year … can’t wait! Happy 2011 xxx

Thank you so much for this post! I will definitely book a class during my next visit to Paris. If I could I would pack my bags and fly there tomorrow!

Jane (and Olivier of course!)

Wow – what a beautiful article – the photos are wonderful! It was really a pleasure to have both Ariel and Geneviève with us for the afternoon….they did surprise us with their skills I must say! We are really pleased to see that others members of our Foodie Family who have joined us have had a good time! We hope all the other readers give the recipe a try – a least before the New Years resolutions kick in =) !

Go, Genevieve! Je suis jalouse. 🙂

I took La Cuisine’s macaron-making class a few months back and consider myself amongst the Jane & Oliver fans. They couldn’t be nicer and the instructors, space and variety of classes are great. I wish I had time for just one more… guess I’ll have to find my tarte tatin at a patisserie!

La cuisine is also my favorite! Wonderful place and excellent classes!!!

Agreed – the pics are wonderful, and the recipes so simple. Looks like you had fun!

What fun! Tarte tatin is one of my all time favorite desserts – I am definitely saving this receipe to try. And you can come to my house anytime to make the creme anglaise or the apple desserts – trust me – you will be much appreciated!!

I took two classes at La Cuisine during my November trip to Paris. Both were fabulous: Sweet Afternoon and The French Macaron. I had the macaron class in the very kitchen you have pictured here. I discovered La Cuisine right here on your blog shortly before my visit. So glad I decided to go for it. I had great time, the owner and staff are fabulous people. Thanks for the recommendation!

Thanks for this comment. I am so glad you had such a great experience at La Cuisine. It is so wonderful to hear! I can’t wait to go and try myself when I am back in Paris this Spring!! – Erica

La Cuisine is my favorite! Looks like it was a wonderful class (gorgeous photos)!

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