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Paris’ Best Running Clubs: Fitness Is Finally Cool In the City of Pastries

by Casey Hatfield-Chiotti
Written By

Casey Hatfield-Chiotti

Casey Chiotti is a food and travel writer who recently fulfilled a life long dream by moving to Paris. She has a unique talent for sniffing out bakeries like a bloodhound and is finding it both incredible and, at times, excruciating to be in the best bakery city in the world (she tries to practice some self control). She writes about a different pastry every Saturday as well as other recommendations for restaurants and hotels around the world on her website Travelproper. View Casey Hatfield-Chiotti's Website

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12 comments on “Paris’ Best Running Clubs: Fitness Is Finally Cool In the City of Pastries

Might want to also have a look at ( and their free running tours of Paris. I love the idea that “running should be free” and these guys do a fantastic free tour for visiting tourists and expats. Highly recommend it!

Paris is such a great city! During our visit last September, just tourists, we ran every morning on the streets around city center, Notre Dame and the river, and had a great time. When we finished, all the small bakeries were open for business and we were ready for the pure awesome deliciousness they were selling! I was easily motivated to go an extra mile just so that I could have another warm chocolate filled croissant.
It’s terrific to hear that Parisians are embracing running more!

Very good news. Also they have good places and space to run in.

I noticed too that group fitness is also becoming popular. I was surprised to find not one, but dozens of Zumba classes, and they are packed! I had no idea that the French could “shake it” like that…lol!

Thanks for the great post! I just moved away from Saint-Mandé and the best part of living there was getting to run in the Bois de Vincennes all the time. There are so many beautiful routes, you can do longer training runs without having to cover the same terrain over and over like in smaller parks, and the air smells wonderful. Also, how fantastic is it to get to run by a castle (Château de Vincennes) on your way to the woods?

Parc Monceau is another great spot, but NOT on the weekend because it’s mobbed. An early morning jog is a great way to start. Luxembourg, too, of course.

A Little Fleurish

Perhaps we realize that our four food groups (coffee, wine, chocolate and cheese) cannot be sustained without a dash of movement. Good news!

I was a Luxembourg gardens runner for years, then started running seriously last summer. Just completed the semi-marathon and now I am looking forward to the challenge of the Paris Versailles next fall. Only 16k, but the hill is a legendary killer!!!
Maybe I’ll run into you along the Berges of teh Seine one day!

What a great story and it reminds me to pack some running shoes when I return this year and hopefully see more Paris sights passing by me!! Great journalism Casey and nice action photo Justin!!

Yet again another one of your posts I wish I had read before I went to Paris last September! I loved my route around the Montmartre cemetery and in the Jardin du Luxembourg… but I wish I had gotten to run with some real Parisians in a more organized fashion. I did get a lot of strange looks, it still seems to me that more men run than women and, but I’m sure it is on the up and up.

Fantastic news that there has been a shift in attitude, I’ve noticed it more and more myself when in Paris recently!…It definitely makes up for the delicious pastries!…xv

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