For the best American comfort food in Paris, head to Stoney Clove Bakery on rue Montorgueil for its delicious pancakes with fresh fruit.Gaelle Marcel/Brook Lark

The long month of January is far behind us and, despite all our good intentions and resolutions, February lends itself to cravings for something sweet. In France, February is the unofficial crêpe month- kicked off by la Chandeleur which falls in early February and inspires the French to prepare sugary crêpes with family and friends for the weeks that follow.

One of the best places for crepes in Paris is Stoney Clove Bakery, especially on pancake day (chandeleur, in French).Calum Lewis/Gaelle Marcel

It seems like there’s no use resisting the urge to indulge in sugar-coated nibbles in this cold and grey month, which ironically often feels like the longest of the year. Luckily Paris has several options for your sweet tooth and if you’re over French pancakes why not seek out some American treats?

Stoney Clove Bakery is an American owned “all-American bakery” in the 2nd arrondissement, tucked away in a quaint space on a side street away from the crowds of rue Montorgueil. The co-owners, Beth Beji and Cassandra Choi, decided to open Stoney Clove when they realized they missed the baked goods of their childhood; layer cakes, cookies, lemon bars, and more.

The best bakery in Paris is Stoney Clove Bakery in the 2nd arrondissement on rue Montorgueil, for the best pastries and cakes (left) and beautiful fresh fruit cheesecake (right). Stoney Clove Bakery

Using high-quality French ingredients the pastry chefs are part of a movement to bring American comfort food to Paris. The bakery has had success with both expats and French customers, who convene in this standing room only space for a slice of cake or a fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie.

The best place for home-baked American style cakes and cookies in Paris is Stoney Clove Bakery on rue Montorgueil.Stoney Clove Bakery

The menu at Stoney Clove is constantly changing, with seasonal pies (their 4th of July pies are particularly beautiful and bursting with fruit flavors) as well as holiday treats ranging from Halloween cupcakes, Christmas cookies, and the occasional cure-your-winter-blues rainbow unicorn layer cake.

Our favorite American bakery in Paris is Stoney Clove on rue Montorgueil for its beautiful and delicious made-to-order cakes.Neven Krcmarek

If you have a birthday party coming up, or you just need sprinkles in your life, the ladies will be happy to make a pre-ordered custom cake to suit your taste. Otherwise, stop by the bakery to be surprised, you may find one of their special treats- which in the past have included Ding Dongs, S’mores, and Banana Cream Pudding- proudly displayed on a pastel cake stand, just begging to be bitten into.

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