The London Experiment: Paris vs London

Many have explored the cultural peculiarities of the two cities. I get it, they’re different. But now that I’m back in Paris, I never thought I’d miss so many things about London, things that
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Paris Summer Prep Lesson One: Legs

No matter their age, Parisians’ clothing fits like a dream, their hair and makeup look effortless, and their posture says they’re very proud of
by Yvonne Shao
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Paris Through Your Eyes: Unique Photos and Original Stories Wanted

Are you an amateur photographer or budding freelance writer? Or an experienced Parisian ambassador looking to reach a new audience? We are
by Emily Dilling
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10 Reasons to Love August in Paris

For those who cherish the peaceful atmosphere resulting from the mass exodus of holiday-goers, August is Paris’ most prized month. In the past, I
by Lily Heise
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On Becoming Parisian: 10 Signs I Belong in the City of Light

Falling in love with romance-infused Paris – the grandiose Haussmannian architecture, the Marais’ winding streets, and the city’s bistro scene –
by Rooksana Hossenally
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Parisian Beauty: Where To Find Iconic French Skincare Products Online

  Making Magique It has long been a generally accepted fact that French women don’t get fat. It is now also increasingly accepted that they
by Kate Davis
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Les Parisiens: Rude? Sometimes. But Impolite? Never.

vince 42 & OZ Hohn Tekson After several weeks in sunny California, Paris can feel like a bit of a shock. Everyone knows that Californians are
by Paige Bradley Frost
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Friend or Foe? How to Cope When the French Get Feisty

French café and waiter … unfortunately not always famous for their friendliness. Dolarz We’ve all heard something to the effect of, “Paris
by Tory Hoen
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Life in Italy vs. Life in France: part 1.

Photos Erica Berman – cappuccino Genova I’m back in Paris after 2 months of learning Italian in Genoa, Italy. The cool Paris weather is a
by Erica Berman
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Smoking in France: Watch Me As I Fauxke This Cigarette

While I can go weeks without encountering a cigarette in the U.S., smoking is still a prevalent part of Parisian life. Though a recent smoking
by Tory Hoen
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Rumor Has It

By Linda Donahue, & photos by Virginia Jones Who started this rumor that Parisians are unfriendly?  Even my father, who
by HiP Paris