There are hundreds of amazing bakeries in Paris, however, not all have in-house seating nor serve good coffee. Whether you’re exploring a new neighborhood or having a coffee date with a friend, a welcoming ambiance is a must for an afternoon coffee break. From charming tea salons to cool contemporary cafés, here are our top places for coffee and cake in the afternoon in Paris.

A pot of flowers and crates of fresh fruit at Treize au Jardin café, a great spot for coffee and cake in Paris.
Top: Café CC. Above: Treize au Jardin – Lily Heise

La Bossue

Removed from the tourist track, this Montmartre gem is one of the area’s most popular brunch spots with the locals. Come Wednesday to Friday and you’ll beat those crowds and enjoy this inviting modern pâtisserie’s exquisite homemade pastries, cakes, and fruit tarts.

La Bossue café in Paris has some great cakes like these chocolate muffins (left) and red berry tart sprinkled with icing sugar (right).
La Bossue

Miss Marple

A chic blend of London, New York, and Paris, this café is just minutes from the Eiffel Tower and perfect for a stylish Rive Gauche coffee and cake break. From its fluffy scones to its moist orange cake, everything is made in house and is 100% organic.

MIss Marple is a cozy spot for coffee and cake with its grey velvet couches and blue walls (left) as well as a Café CC for its lemon curd tart (right).
Miss Marple / Café CC

Café Mirabelle

This contemporary pastry shop and café is located in the heart of the 11th. Within its airy dining room you can sample their unique creations like a Paris-Brest with sesame and apricots or a baba au rhum with caramelized mirabelle plums and lime-mint whipped cream, which are available in their good-value afternoon coffee and cake formule for only 9.50 €.

Café Mirabelle is a top spot for coffee and cake in Paris, especially its crusty croissants (left) and fruit meringue tarts (right).
Café Mirabelle

Café CC 

The hip Marché d’Aligre area is home to this relaxed neighborhood café that is also eco-friendly and socially responsible. Slide yourself into its plush sofa and your fork into a thick slice of cake or rich brownie, served with small-batch roasted coffee in their signature “coffee is the new black” mugs.

La Bossue café in Paris also sells delicious pain aux raisins (left). The window filled with cakes at La Mirabelle café in Paris (right).
La Bossue / Café Mirabelle

Rose Bakery at the Musée de la Vie Romantique

You probably already know Rose Bakery, however, did you know that they run the magical café space at the Musée de la Vie Romantique? Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of this hidden, verdant courtyard along with the famous bakery’s authentic scones, carrot cake, banana bread, and a variety of quality teas and coffee.

The doorway to the old location of Treize bakery (left) and its delicious cakes like carrot cake under glass bells (right).
Treize au Jardin

Treize au Jardin

Choose from a large range of decadent cakes and excellent hot beverages (turmeric latté anyone?) at the new location of this extremely inviting, American-run bakery-café found across from the Luxembourg Gardens. Plus, you can indulge guilt-free if you take a walk in the park afterwards. Discover the story behind the Treize au Jardin: American Comfort Food in Paris, the bakery in our story.

The sign of Le Loir dans la Théière café in Paris' Marais area (left) and a pear tart on a wooden table (right).
Le Loir dans la Théière

Le Loir dans la Théière

Featuring a hodgepodge collection of furniture, one piece stands out above the rest in this intimate café in the Marais: the hutch showcasing their daily collection of cakes and pies. Seasonal fruit tarts, towering lemon meringue pies, and dense fondants au chocolat, no matter which one tempts you, you won’t be disappointed.

The menu on the chalkboard at Le Loir dans la Théière (left) and an assortment of cakes (right).
Le Loir dans la Théière

Le Valentin

Nestled in the historic Passage Jouffroy, this magical tea salon is more classic, nevertheless, features a cozy atmosphere on the second floor with couches and comfy banquette seating. They have a wide array of French pastries as well as mini-cakes.

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