With the increasing awareness of the impact of excess waste on our planet, you might be wondering how you can personally help. Christmas is just around the corner, and unfortunately is often a time of overconsumption and waste. But with News Year’s Eve also quickly approaching, why not get a head start on your New Years’ resolutions and try reducing the amount of waste you create this festive season?

Outside the Maison du Zéro Déchet (house of zero waste), which is a Paris concept store and resource center dedicated to zero-waste living.Top: Ali Postma / Above: Erica Berman

La Maison du Zéro Déchet is not only a concept store, it’s also a resource center truly dedicated to zero-waste living. Created by Zero Waste France, an environmental protection NGO specializing in waste reduction, the project describes itself as a way of life. It’s the first place of its kind in Paris, and hosts a program of workshops, conferences, screenings, and urban walks, as well as a beautiful and inviting shop.

The Maison du Zéro Déchet (house of zero waste) is a concept store in Paris where you can buy sustainable handmade soap that smell great, like small blocks of Arthur soaps. Ali Postma

Guilt-Free Gifts

If you’re still looking for some last-minute Christmas presents, or just something eco-friendly and lovely, this is the perfect place to find a guilt-free gift. La Maison du Zéro Déchet offers products that are both practical and pretty, to ensure your quest to reduce waste is a joyful one. Wouldn’t a brightly colored reusable water bottle or thermos make a great present?

You can also buy other handmade beauty products like solid shampoo at the Maison du Zéro Déchet (house of zero waste) concept store in Paris. Erica Berman

Solid Shampoo and Shaving Kits

The store also has a range of bento boxes, pretty soaps, and solid shampoos (goodbye, non-recyclable packaging!) in a range of sparkling hues. For the men in your life? The shaving kit, including a quality safety razor, natural shaving brush, stand, and shaving soap, makes an excellent present.

As well as bento boxes, solid shampoo and handmade soaps, the Maison du Zéro Déchet (house of zero waste) also sells wooden shaving kits and other gifts to bring home from Paris.Ali Postma

Zero Waste Everything

The shop also stocks numerous other necessities to help you live a zero-waste (or close to) life. You will find washable handkerchiefs, diapers, and sanitary pads; compostable toothbrushes; and books on zero waste and environmental protection. The shop favors products made in France, preferring to work with French entrepreneurs, organizations, and suppliers.

The Maison du Zéro Déchet (house of zero waste) Paris concept store is the place to buy French cooking books to set you on your way to zero-waste living.Erica Berman

Workshops and Classes 

Workshops are offered in the back of the shop and include sewing, upcycling, furniture restoration, and vermicomposting (composting with worms). You can also take a class on how to make responsible soap, shampoo, dish or laundry detergent, toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, candles, and furoshikia traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap and carry objects. Regular conferences are also held on a range of topics including zero-waste cooking, tips for home organization, and how to have a minimalist and responsible wardrobe. 

Wandering what gifts to buy in Paris? Head to the Maison du Zéro Déchet (house of zero waste) Paris concept store (left) for handmade zero-waste lifestyle items like these colorful silverware holders (right). Erica Berman: La Maison du Zero Dechet / Silverware Holder and Reusable Sandwich Bag

Living a zero-waste life is no easy feat, but we can all play a part in making a difference. Shopping at La Maison du Zéro Déchet for Christmas, or any time, is the perfect way to start.

La Maison du Zéro Déchet – 3 rue Charles Nodier, 75018 Paris.

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