Paris Vacation Rental Scams: How to Avoid Them & Live the Dream Safely

by Maggie Battista
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Maggie Battista

Passionate about fine dining and old-fashioned hospitality, Maggie is focused on finding hidden, authentic food gems and is absolutely in love with the creamy, salty butter sold all over Paris. She also runs an online magazine and market called Eat Boutique, where she discovers the best small batch foods by boutique food makers. Maggie’s based in Boston, with frequent trips to Paris, Brooklyn, Maine, and northern California. View Maggie Battista's Website

11 comments on “Paris Vacation Rental Scams: How to Avoid Them & Live the Dream Safely

The fake Craiglist ads are the easiest to spot, because they start talking money right away, giving you instructions a to where to send it. Once you have had a few of these experiences, you recognise them immediately. But there are other horrible traps to fall into, specifically, the apartments or villas are nothing like the glowing way the owner or agent described them. Short of visiting yourself in advance, which is highly recommended, there is little you can do. This website gives additional advice.

Having lived in Paris now in four apartments through three different agencies I’m all too familiar with this! Wading through the questionable Craigslist etc ads just wasn’t worth it. Your tips are spot on 🙂

Hi Sunshine+Design,

It does happen everywhere. Paris is no exception. Have a wonderful time in our favorite city!

Hip Paris

Thank you so much for writing this post. It’s really helpful advice. I’m coming to Paris in February and luckily have a sister who lives in the city permanently so I’ve received help from her locating a flat. Otherwise I would have no idea this sort of thing happens (probably everywhere too).

Oh my goodness, Teri! We’re so glad you didn’t get scammed. Craigslist really is a wonderful site, but can be easily used for bad stuff. I’m glad you figured it out. Thanks for reading!

Hip Paris

I am one of those people who came within seconds of sending the money…Sooo glad I found your sight and something in my head said to call you first! The person kept sending me emails to send the money by Western Union and email him ASAP after the money was sent. I’m not a dumb one (usually) but, man, that would have really ruined my vacation!!! No more CL for me.

Everyone just really needs to be very very careful these days!

Art by Karena

Risamay: It really is a beautiful door. Your photos are great as well. Thanks for reading! -Maggie,

Regarding the rooster photo …

I subscribe to your blog and it’s delivered to my email, and I thought at first glance it was one of my own photos.

Must be the same door I shot in Paris, some years ago now.


How funny.

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