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City of Love, Or City of Lonelyhearts? Every Relationship Has Two Sides

by Amy Thomas
Written By

Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas is a sweets-obssessed writer based between New York and Paris. She penned the Sweet Freak column for Metro newspaper and has written about Paris' best chocolatiers (New York Times), desserts for two (Time Out New York), chocolate for guys (Rachel Ray) and the best hot chocolate in the city (Metro). Check for updates from Amy on her blog, God I Love Paris. View Amy Thomas's Website

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10 comments on “City of Love, Or City of Lonelyhearts? Every Relationship Has Two Sides

Thank you for having mentioned my name by using one of my photos. And for linking it to my Flickr gallery.
One last effort: ask for the authorization of the photographer beforehand! It’s nothing at all.
Especially in this particular case, of a commercial purpose: you sell your own services but you use free of charge the others images — or am I the only one?

Rooksana Hossenally

Hi there, we apologise for not having asked beforehand – we usually do. Would you prefer that we take it down? Thanks!

What a great blog post! I love how you showed the beauty of Paris both from a single and a couple viewpoint!!

Thank you again for this post, Amy! There are definite pros to both sides of the relationship coin while in Paris.

So very true!

My husband is posted to Paris for work and when I initially arrived, with zilch knowledge of French, I was always envious of those who had someone to explore the city with for my husband was at work and I had to move around on my own.

Although now I still enjoy finding new places to eat, and shopping with my husband, i am beginning to enjoy the times I am alone in the jardins, marchés and quaint streets

Ahh yes… Paris and all its romance. I arrived here 1.5 years ago with a boy who never really enjoying living here and hence I have now been a single girl in Paris for 4 months! Both have their advantages but I am still trying to get into those ‘carefree’ activities you mentioned. It’s always easier if you have someone to drag along with you!!

I hear you, Amy! Definitely had my greatest romance in Paris, but I feel like it almost distracted me from the city itself. At the end of the day, I think I prefer to lone-wolf it there.

Nice post, Amy. You have a way with words. In fact I’d say you have several ways with them, each more impressive than the last.
You made me feel very lucky that I have someone with whom I can share being together without the world while watching the world go by at the same time.

I’ve done Paris by myself, with girlfriends, with a best guy friend and had one short but sweet fling–I can’t wait for the day when I can go on a “romantic weekend away” in Paris, but I don’t know if it will ever quite match up to all the other amazing experiences I’ve had in the city. And what if he doesn’t like Paris? Mon dieu!

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