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La Buvette de Camille: Natural Wines & Small Plates in Paris

by Claire Oldman
Written By

Claire Oldman

Claire Oldman is a travel, fashion and lifestyle writer who was born and raised in London, but she'd usually rather be in Paris. She founded the blog Lola is Beauty on a whim in 2005, to cover her favourite subjects of clothes, Paris, places that are not Paris and cats. Living like a local, not a tourist is always her aim when traveling. She was a fashion stylist for a decade, and now writes press releases and web copy for fashion brands, but only ones she loves, like Toujours Toi-Family Affairs. Claire is currently a contributing editor at Fathom: the travel website re-invented, and she has written on Paris and London for publications including Bust magazine and the Guardian. She was the London correspondent for online urban travel guide Gridskipper in its glory days and was given an award by The Paris Tourism Board for an article on what her perfect day in Paris would be. Happily, the prize was a trip to Paris. View Claire Oldman's Website

9 comments on “La Buvette de Camille: Natural Wines & Small Plates in Paris

The place looks so cosy! Thanks for your post. I’m looking forward to visit La Buvette

Meg - De quelle planète es-tu?

This place looks fantastic!

So dang cute! God, I’m missing Paris!

La Buvette is exactly the kind of place I would go to – nice recommendation!

There is a great place called Buvette in the West Village NYC at 42 Grove and from what I hear will be in Paris as well. Very cute here. check it out if you ‘ll be visiting NYC.

This looks so adorable! I hadn’t even heard of La Buvette (oops!) so thanks for this article – I look forward to trying it out soon. -Kim

This is close (enough) to where we are staying (next week) for a quick weekend visit… sounds like a perfect way to start the evening.

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