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Back to School in France: Frantic Moms and Fading Tans

by Sylvia Sabes
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Sylvia Sabes

When not hitting the ol’ cobblestones hunting down the hottest new addresses for her job as Paris Expert for Afar magazine and Luxe City Guides, Sylvia pretends to be swamped disguised as a wife and mom. You can read more of her work at (link below) or follow her adventures on FB @SylviaDublanc View Sylvia Sabes's Website
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Emma Stencil

Emma’s love for France began at the age of three when her aunt bought her a little IKKS gilet and skirt from Paris. Since then she’s jumped at every chance to travel in Europe. She lives in Versailles and spends her days looking after two sweet French children and lounging at Parisian cafés.
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Isabel Miller-Bottome

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Isabel has lived in Paris and travelled extensively around Europe and elsewhere. She currently studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she is Editor of the literary magazine, Spectrum, and Artsweek reporter for The Daily Nexus. Leveraging her network of student and business contacts, she always brings a fresh angle or an unexpected lead to transform an ordinary visit into a memorable adventure. View Isabel Miller-Bottome's Website

7 comments on “Back to School in France: Frantic Moms and Fading Tans

It’s true that some schools, some years, did not have class on Wednesdays.

However, going to school on Wednesdays is not at all something new. All my family members always had class on Wednesdays, and we were born between 1915 and 1990.

We are living outside of Paris, but even here, La rentrée is a big deal! And I thought the lists were specific in America … you nailed it on the crazy specific paper thing!

Where might I find one of those adorable backpacks the French children are wearing?

Hi Mrs.EM, those backpacks are called cartables in France and I agree, they’re adorable! You might try the e-boutique They deliver in the USA! Emma from HiP Paris

I absolutely loved this window into the lesser-known side of day-to-day life for many Parisian families!
Children are sweet and silly and funny no matter what country they are from.
My 8 year old son wants us to move to Paris (from the U.S.) and this article eased my concerns about how he would handle the transition!

susan // fleurishing

An interesting read…fountain pens?! Wow.

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