There are so many things that Francophiles miss about the French capital while travel restrictions are in place, and chief amongst them is the food. At the heart of dining out in Paris is, of course, the humble bistro. For centuries they have popularized culinary classics like steak fritescoq au vingratin dauphinois, and more. While bistros now have the green light to reopen fully, it might be a while before visitors can find their way to the City of Light to sample these French staples. However, you can still re-create mouth-watering bistro menus at home with the help of these wonderful bistro cookbooks.

Left: "Spécialités d'Auvergne" is written in red and white paint on the glass window of a restaurant in Paris, Right: An array of mushrooms, sauces and seasonings lays on a white plate
Top: Christian Sarramon / Sam Schnur & Above: Mat Reding / L’Ami Jean

A Parisian Bistro: La Fontaine de Mars in 50 Recipes by Cécile Maslakian (Author), Delphine Constantini (Photographer), Robert De Niro (Foreward)

Founded in 1908, its checkered tablecloths, vintage interiors, convivial atmosphere, and generously portioned  food has won this restaurant a diverse following. Locals, tourists, and celebrities alike (including Robert De Niro and Mick Jagger), gather at this legendary address. Recreate their magnificent recipes such as cassouletpâté, and strawberry pistachio sabayon and bask in the glow of admiration and appreciation from your loved ones.

Left: A plate of duck sits in the forefront, with a checkered cloth and glass of white wine in the background, Right: A waiter pours a jar of liquid on a dish at La Fontaine de Mars in Paris
La Fontaine de Mars

French Bistro: Seasonal Recipes by Bertrand Auboyneau and François Simon (authors), Christian Sarramon (photographer)

Amongst the most beloved of Paris’s traditional bistros is Bistrot Paul Bert. Thankfully, its chef, Bertrand Auboyneau, has shared dozens of hearty recipes with us to tide us over until we can all visit this Parisian institution in person again. Country pâté, scallops, lamb shoulder, and the bistro’s signature dessert, the Paris-Brest, are on the menu along with other heart-warming French classics.

Left: The cover of A Parisian Bistro cookbook, Right: A cup of espresso, sliced baguette, pats of butter and a cup of jam sit atop a white table.
Delphine Constantini / Corinne Kutz

Frenchie: New Bistro Cooking by Gregory Marchand (author) and Djamel Dine Zitout (photographer)

Frenchie has become legendary in the decade since it opened, landing on countless best-restaurant lists and earning its first Michelin star in 2019.

Left: Half a loaf of bread sits next to a disk of fresh butter, Right: The words "Everything, I want to eat everything" is written on the window of Frenchie restaurant in Paris.

The food allures with international influences and the unusual pairing of ingredients (watermelon and ricotta; roasted carrots, oranges and avocado; baby turnips and pears). These light, modern recipes are the perfect complement to your summer adventures.

Left: Slices white fish, sprinkled with pepper and various seasonings, Right: Silverware sits next to a napkin, which is imprinted with "L'Ami Jean"
L’Ami Jean

Bistro: Classic French Comfort Food by Alain Ducasse

The iconic Alain Ducasse has collected recipes from his network of French bistros around the world. Rather than the haute cuisine the Michelin-starred chef is associated with, this collection offers less formal dishes, but with a lighter, healthier touch.

Left: Empty bistro tables and chairs sit on a bistro terrace in Paris, Right: A waitress grabs a carafe d'eau from behind the bar of a restaurant in Paris.
Diana Liu

These approachable recipes will help you re-create modern versions of standard bistro fare like oeufs cocottepâté en croûteblanquette de veausole meunière, classic French onion soup, and mousse au chocolat.

Bistronomy: Recipes from the Best New Paris Bistros by Jane Sigal

Many younger chefs are trying to create an experience that is less stuffy than is typically found in more traditional dining establishments. These forward-looking chefs tend to rely on vibrant, sustainably sourced ingredients, and look for innovative takes on humble ingredients and dishes. “Bistronomy” translates these creations for the home cook.

Sophie Vinetlouis / Evan Sung

With more than 100 dishes from the likes of Stéphane Jégo (L’Ami Jean), Sota Atsumi (Clown Bar), and Sean Kelly, this book will help you experience French cuisine in a new light.

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