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Dating in Paris: How to Hook a Frenchman

by Sylvia Sabes
Written By

Sylvia Sabes

When not hitting the ol’ cobblestones hunting down the hottest new addresses for her job as Paris Expert for Afar magazine and Luxe City Guides, Sylvia pretends to be swamped disguised as a wife and mom. You can read more of her work at (link below) or follow her adventures on FB @SylviaDublanc View Sylvia Sabes's Website

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4 comments on “Dating in Paris: How to Hook a Frenchman

So How can I find a Parisian girlfriend?

I am sorry for your loss and admire your courageous spirit to travel on your own. Enjoy the adventure!

I loved this story, thank you. You kept it real and your parisian size 0 friends sure gave you good advice. It´s universal and even though I´m married, I can relate.

I have been to and spent enough time in Paris ( if there is even such a thing as enough time in Paris) to appreciate the men.
Now that I am a widow .. I am suddenly realizing that I am a single again.
I have no plans to do anything about that but at the same time, I realize how much it changes the way things happen when I go on a trip .. to Paris or to Buenos Aires .. I will be on my own. … for the first time in over 40 years. Wouldn’t it be funny if I fell for a Frenchman 🙂

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