Left: the bedroom of a Parisian apartment with a queen bed, chest of drawers, and fireplace with a vase of flowers sitting on the mantle. Right: the living room of a Parisian apartment with bookshelves covering the walls, art, a desk, sofa, and coffee table.
Top: Paris Palmyre Roigt. Above: Montmartre Hideaway – Our Sweepstakes Grand Prize

Here at HiP Paris we’ve been sharing our love for Paris with you for over 13 years — providing compelling and unique content for you to enjoy Paris off the beaten track or simply live vicariously from afar. 

A box of various chocolates held by a staff member at Jean-Paul Hevin chocolate shop in Paris.
Jean-Paul Hévin

Since the pandemic began, it’s been tough for businesses, HiP Paris included. Most of our revenue was based on travel commissions which were lost. While things are starting to look up, we still need your support. To continue paying our team and contributors and bringing you the best of Paris and France, we need a financial helping hand!

A couple sitting on the terrace of the Paris restaurant Bistrot Paul Bert. There is a chalk board menu and a waiter in a black apron coming out to serve them, with people walking down the street in the background.
Bistrot Paul Bert – Diana Liu

To this end, we have organized a once-in-a-lifetime sweepstakes with a vast array of French and Parisian prizes to either bring YOU to Paris or, Paris to YOU! 

The kitchen of a Parisian apartment with patterned tiles, a blue feature wall, a wood breakfast bench with flowers, and a large artwork on the wall.
Montmartre Hideaway

Grand Prize

The grand prize: Win a week in HiP Paris founder and former owner of Haven In, Erica Berman’s gorgeous Montmartre apartment with a balcony and panoramic Paris views.

Left: A pile of folded French linen napkins by Madame de la Maison sitting on a mirrored platter on a wood table with a vase of flowers and two cocktails. Right: the interior of the Paris restaurant Le Bon Georges. There is a bench seat along the wall with red cushions, with tables and chairs in front. There is a large chalk board menu on the wall.
Madame de la Maison / Le Bon Georges – Palmyre Roigt

Along with a week in Erica’s Montmartre apartment the winner of the grand prize will also receive the following marvelous prizes and perks to enjoy during their unforgettable stay in Paris:

Grand Prize

Left: a pavlova dessert by Ellsworth restaurant sitting on a marble table with a vase of flowers behind it. 
Right: the interior of Paris restaurant Ellsworth. There is a bench seat along the right hand side wall, with marble tables and chairs in front. There are individual tables and chairs along the left hand side wall and there are also large wood framed windows.
Left: chocolate brownies in a silver dish with the card of Paris restaurant Treize au Jardin. There is also a cup of tea or coffee on a saucer with a teaspoon alongside it. Right: the interior of Paris restaurant Treize au Jardin. There is a stucco moulded ceiling with a chandelier, and vases of flowers and oranges.
Treize au Jardin
Left: the view out of a Parisian bedroom onto the Haussmannien building opposite it. There is white bedding in front of the window and a white pillow leaning on the balcony.
Right: the Medici fountain at Jardin du Luxembourg with empty chairs alongside it.
Rebecca Plotnick

Runner Up Prizes

If you don’t win the grand prize, all is, most definitely, not lost! You can still win the following:

Left: the front cover of David Lebovitz's book 'My Paris Kitchen'. Right: a blonde woman wearing a striped top and a scarf around her neck on a Paris street carrying a bag with a baguette and sunflowers inside.
“My Paris Kitchen” by David Lebovitz / This French Life

How to Enter

To enter the Sweepstakes there is no obligation to donate. But if you do choose to support us, your donation will help us stay afloat and continue on with our bi-weekly content, giveaways and more. To enter, click here. **

Left: two pink/red colored cocktails by Izzy's Paris on a table surrounded by various lollies. Right: Madeleines in a baking mould decorated with icing, cream, and crushed nuts.
Izzy’s Paris / La Cuisine Paris

Additionally, please do check out the incredible businesses who have generously donated to our sweepstakes —shop online, buy gift vouchers, order takeaway, follow their social media accounts, sign up to their newsletters, and spread the word — every little bit counts and they could all use the love.

Left: the front cover of Rebekah Peppler's book "A Table". Right: the front cover of Lindsey Tramuta's book "The New Parisienne".
“À Table” by Rebekah Peppler / “The New Parisienne” by Lindsey Tramuta

Thank you for your continued support through thick and thin — your kind comments, suggestions, emails, and feedback. It means the world to us. With your help we will be here providing you the content you love for years to come!

** The HiP Paris Sweepstakes runs until August 23rd and winners will be chosen August 26th.

Left: a man and a woman lying with their heads on pillows at the end of a bed, with light shining through the window of their Paris apartment. Right: a tote bag with "I (heart) Paris" on the front sitting on a wicker chair at a table with two coffees on it on a Parisian terrace.
La Chambre Paris / Kasia Dietz

Written by Ali Postma for HiP Paris. Looking to travel? Check out Haven In for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, France or Italy. Looking to rent long-term or buy in France or Italy? Ask us! We can connect you to our trusted providers for amazing service and rates or click here. Looking to bring France home to you or to learn online or in person (when possible)? Check out new marketplace shop and experiences. To enter the HiP Paris Sweepstakes click here.

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