The Best Paris Podcasts: Eating, Drinking, Music, and More

Between books and blogs and articles and films, Francophiles have no shortage of ways to get their Frenchie fixes. But, sometimes there’s nothing like sweet Parisian whispers in your ear, which set us off on a project to both find the best Paris-related podcasts.

After combing the options and listening to countless episodes, we’ve come up with a list of top picks.  So if you love all things France, give these a listen:

The Best Paris Podcasts: Eating, Drinking, Music, and More

Join Us in France: A Podcast About All Things French

You know how sometimes people start a personal project and it’s really great and then it just sort of tapers off?  Not Annie Sargent.  At 102 episodes into Join Us in France, she’s still going strong.  Annie is French, but also spent 18 years in the U.S. As such, she is able to look at France from both a native and an outsider perspective. She covers a wide range of topics, including travel advice, itineraries, attractions, language tips, and even table manners in France.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, this listen is a no-brainer, but there’s enough new information here and countrywide coverage that locals will enjoy too.

The Best Paris Podcasts: Eating, Drinking, Music, and More

Paris Paysanne: Exploring Paris Food Culture

You might recognize Emily Dilling’s name from her many articles right here on HiP Paris, or from her newly released book My Paris Market Cookbook. But this California transplant has plenty of other projects too, if you can believe it. She runs the Paris Paysanne blog, but also puts all of her knowledge and network to good use with her Paris Paysanne podcast, in which she interviews local food and drink personalities to explore these aspect of Paris culture.

While most episodes are built around visits to markets that feature local farmers and seasonal products, listeners learn much more: how to select the freshest fish from the monger, the latest hotspot for brunch, or the ins-and-outs of brewing craft beer. Emily recently made a move from Paris to La Loire Valley, where she’s tending vines, growing veggies, and living the country life. While she still spends time in Paris regularly, her new location might mean more looks at Loire life in the future.

The Best Paris Podcasts: Eating, Drinking, Music, and More

Oh-la-la Franco à go go: Groovy French Music

Natasha Cloutier (aka DJ Natashka) may be based in Amsterdam, but she’s all about the French sounds. And she shares that love, and her collection of French records from the 50s – 90s, with listeners all over the world through her Oh-la-la Franco à go go podcast.  Her favorites include Gainsbourg, Boule Noire, Les Rita Mistouko, and many more. Each episode features a well-thought playlist of songs that shift you to that oh-so-French mentality and make you sway along.

This podcast works equally well for the lay-listener who just likes groovy tunes as the music geek looking for unusual and undiscovered vinyl.  As French music journalist Guuz Hoogaerts puts it “I thought I knew a lot about French music. Then I met Natasha. Turns out I’ve only scratched the surface. So when she teaches ‘n preaches about the best, raunchiest, funniest, and most danceable French tunes, I pay attention.”

DJ Natashka currently works on-air as a co-host for English Breakfast Radio and DJs at live events, so her podcast hasn’t been updated for a few years. Don’t let that deter you. These are musical stylings that you can listen (and dance) to over and over, and there are plenty of backlogs to work through.

The Best Paris Podcasts: Eating, Drinking, Music, and More

Paris Cocktail Talk: Paris Cocktail Culture and other Boozy News

Every other week Forest Collins tell cocktail-loving listeners what, where, how, and why to drink in the capital, with a focus on French trends and ingredients. For each episode, Forest interviews interesting folks in the food and drink industries around cocktail- and spirits-related themes. So if you want to know master chocolatier Jacques Génin’s favorite cocktail or learn about the city’s latest bar openings, give it a listen.

The Best Paris Podcasts: Eating, Drinking, Music, and More

The Simply Sophisticate: Inspiration with a French Twist

This podcast is a tad different than the above in that it isn’t French focused, but read on! Shannon Ables, creator of The Simply Luxurious Life blog and book, discusses how to curate your life, eliminating excess and indulging in life’s little pleasures, something at which The French are especially wonderful.  Each episode centers around one theme, like “The French Way: How to Create a Luxurious Everyday Life” or “Love Food, Love Your Body: 10 Simple Tips For Eating Well & Looking Your Best.” It’s a regular dose of feel-good self empowerment, with a fun French twist.

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