HiP Paris Blog covers the recent snowfall in Paris, which is magical, like on these balconies in the city.

Snow has come to Paris and- even more exciting- a fluffy white layer of freshly fallen flakes has stuck around long enough to turn the city into an Instagrammable Winter Wonderland. Unlike the fleeting flutters that occasionally float over the city each winter, melting immediately upon landing, this week’s snowfall has stayed to delight Parisians.

HiP Paris Blog covers the recent snowfall in Paris like in this little side street where even the plants are covered with snow.

The city hasn’t seen this much snow in ten years, with the 12 centimeters that fell early this month almost beating the record set 30 years ago when 14 centimeters of snow decorated Paris. The event is cause for enchantment in an otherwise grey and dreary time of year, and city dwellers are clearly transfixed, with photos of snowy Paris appearing all across social media.

HiP Paris Blog covers the recent snowfall in Paris, and even cemeteries and the surrounding trees look like something out of a fairytale when covered in snow.

While not exactly Nordic, the rare sighting of a snow covered Paris is not only cause for excitement, but also panic. Bus service has been cancelled and the SNCF train schedule disturbed. Parisians are being discouraged from taking their cars and contributing to the delays and traffic jams that plague the city and it’s surrounding region l’Ile de France.

HiP Paris Blog covers the recent snowfall in Paris like at the Montmartre cemetary with its trees covered in snow.

Those from snowy parts of the world might scoff at our inexperience with this meteorological phenomenon- a common winter occurrence in many places that aren’t Paris. No worry, Parisians can handle the mockery in exchange for the opportunity to take a snow day and take a walk and rediscover their city, silently transformed by a sheet of snow. Some among us may even be tempted to take off our gloves while we’re at it- just long enough to gather up enough fluff to form a perfect, pearly white snowball.

HiP Paris Blog covers the recent snowfall in Paris.

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Written by Emily Dilling for HiP Paris. All photos courtesy of Ali Postma. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, Tuscany, Umbria or Liguria? Check out Haven In.

When it snows in Paris, everything looks magical, including the bare trees on the bridge to Montmartre.


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