HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

Keeping cool, comfortable and chic during the Summer in Paris, can be quite the sartorial challenge. You feel like dressing for the beach but stepping out in a sarong and flip-flops in this city is not the way to go. When temperatures soar, I’m hit with the Parisian hot weather conundrum: what to wear in Paris when it sizzles?

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

In search of some answers, I hit the streets to capture some looks and see how les Parisiennes are playing it. What follows are some suggestions and inspirations on the art of trying to keep cool and chic in Paris this summer.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

Right now, around town, the vibe is relaxed and the style is understated. Loose fitting clothes made with soft elegant fabrics, such as lightweight linens and silks, are a breeze to wear. Nothing is over done. Keep makeup minimal, plenty of SPF!  Don’t worry about hair as this is the time for your trusty friend to make an appearance…

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

The Hat Factor
Walking around Paris, sitting in the park or having a café en terrace, le chapeau is your indispensable accomplice in coping with the Parisian heat. Not only does it shield you from the sun, the hat factor adds instant style and you don’t have to worry about a bad hair day. Choose one that suits your personality, pair it with a maxi dress, shades, a little attitude, a flat shoe and off you go.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

Keep it Flat
Along with the hat, the flat is the way to go in all seasons in Paris. Forget heels, this city is made for walking and your shoes should be too. In the heat feet tend to swell up and can get black and blue in the dusty city grit. When friends ask me what to pack for Paris, the one thing I insist on is a pair of comfortable flat shoes. But take note, even in high heat les parisiennes always put their best style foot forward. Crank up the cool factor and go for a black leather flat, a stylish white trainer or a wedge with an edge.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

Silks & Shades
An endless supply of whimsical shades is the way to go. You can pick up great deals during the soldes and scour the vintage stores for different specs and sizes. The Rayban aviator is a Parisian classic that will never tire. I also find silk an elegant fabric for keeping cool in the city. Silk pants, silk tops, silk shirts, long silk dresses are a treat in the heat. Top it with a turban.

The Long Dress
To avoid the embarrassing situation of getting your exposed skin stuck to a meshed chair on the terrace of a café, or sitting uncomfortably on a metal chair in the Jardin du Luxembourg, go for length. A long cotton tee shirt dress works really well. With the right accessories, it’s effortless.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

The Long & the Short of it
If you have the legs for it, shorts are no longer a complete Parisian no-no. Loose-fitting bermudas and three quarter length culottes have become new classics. It’s really about the way you wear it, but I would recommend pairing stylish shorts with a funky flat or trainer. It may sound bizarre but this look is relaxed and can go a long way in the Parisian heat.

The Scarf: Knot it
In all seasons, in all weather, even if it’s slightly cliché, the scarf is truly a Paris essential. For a twist on the classic, try experimenting with the way you wear it! Tie a small one around your wrist, or for a relaxed summer vibe, try wrapping a scarf in a bandana style or in a bandeau.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

Summer Cool Summer Whites
If black is your reliable winter chic, go all white for summer: white tees, a little white dress, long white skirts, oversized white linen dresses, white linen shirts, white shorts, white linen trousers, white jeans, white trainers, topped with a white straw hat and some light accessories.

The one accessory you shouldn’t leave home without, heat wave or not? An umbrella! It is Paris after all…

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Keeping Cool in the Summer

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Written by Aisling Greally for the HiP Paris Blog. All photos by Aisling Greally. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.


Aisling Greally

Aisling is an ardent explorer of hidden places and hideouts in Paris. She is the founder of the site TrésorParisien where she shares her stories of discovery and her adventures in Paris.


  1. One of the things I love about Paris is the absence of trainers (or “tennis shoes” to Americans) worn by people who are not exercising. You see women leaving work and changing into stylish flats to walk to the metro. I hope it stays that way since there are already enough casual slobs in the world.

  2. Yes its all about the Maxi dress this season -vey nice, thankfully I have bought 2 maxis-cant wait to visit Paris soon…

  3. Love this post! I visited Paris in April and have been wondering about the summertime dress. Thanks for the pics and info.

  4. What great feedback, thank you all.

    @Melissa, I believe these sandals are Church’s.

    @kiki the bistro is my favourite but I would take the Borsalino hats down!

  5. I could swear I saw your girl in the Panama and striped dress this morning enroute to the pool..
    But she’d taken a scissors to her hem and was carrying the appropriate Sephora striped shopping bag!
    Thanks for the pet pic on FB!!

  6. I ADORE the tresorparisien shots – this is so über-cool….. want the dress, the hat, the bistrot… 🙂
    thanks for this timely and cool post

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