The author is seen posing with her pet cat in her living room surrounded by her houseplants -- from philodendrons, to monsteras, to anthuriums. She is holding two plants with her hands, one syngonium albo variegata and one philodendron gloriosum. Her cat is happily sitting in the middle in a bar stool.
Top: What The Flower / Above: @cestmaikka

Long before the houseplant craze took over the world, a Parisian home was always adorned with plants – a balcony with geraniums, a kitchen with herbs, or a windowsill with ferns. And with the pandemic forcing everyone to stay home, more and more of us are now revamping our living spaces into urban jungles through houseplants.

Left: A photo of a Parisian apartment located in the 11th arrondissement. Captured is a set of french windows with off-white curtains, opening to a small balcony with outdoor plants hanging by the fence. Right: A picture of the same apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. In the shot is the kitchen filled with houseplants, particularly a set of avocado seeds being propagated using glasses with water. A ficus tree sits in a brown woven chair beside a window overlooking the court of the building. Hanging plants can also be seen along with outdoor plants through the window.

Whether you are just about to start your houseplant collection or you already have and you’re currently looking for “unicorns,” here is a guide where to shop for houseplants in Paris (from a certified crazy plant lady!).

Left: A picture of a plant store in Marché aux Fleurs in Île de la Cité, Paris, called Shawnee by Philippe Meunier. Pictured is a goddess head pot containing various types of dried flowers and ornaments. Right: What The Flower's founder Justine Jeannin is pictured holding 7 types of colorful caladiums in colors of green, pink, white, and red.
Left: Shawnee by Philippe Meunier / Right: What The Flower

What The Flower

Part plant store, part hair salon, there is surely nothing else like What The Flower. Founded by Justine Jeannin, this hip plant store is for anyone who wants to transform their Parisian home with lush greenery. They’ve even published a book! And, if you still need convincing, get a haircut here and you’ll feel instantly transported to plant paradise, guaranteed.

Left: A picture of a rare plant from Central to South America called Philodendron verrucosum, which is well-coveted for its velvety but bright leaves. Right: A picture of the author of this post holding her giant Philodendron gloriosum, a rare plant with  huge heart shaped and velvety leaves.


Leaf successfully combines design and minimalism with their selection of plants and pottery. Anyone who walks in this artsy store gets a visual lesson on how to make the most out of using plants in improving your interiors. Their catalog includes philodendrons, alocasias, anthuriums, caladiums, and more.

Left: A picture of a lush Parisian balcony full of plants and flowers on a beautiful summer day. A table is set with chairs, a bottle and 2 glasses of rosé, and macaroons. Right: A picture of a classic Parisian fireplace that is decorated with 3 pots of plants (cactus, aloe vera, and a succulent), a green bottle with fairy lights inside and a goddess paper weight.
Haven In

Shawnee by Philippe Meunier

My absolute favorite in the Marché aux Fleurs, Shawnee, stands out amongst its neighbors on Île de la Cité. This shop is always ahead of the game, with its selection of rare plants such as the Philodendron melanochrysum and the Philodendron gloriosum. Normally, we need to get these types of plants shipped in from other European countries, but Shawnee makes it easier for all Parisians. However, be quick—they run out fast, sometimes in a snap! 

Left: A picture of different types of plants sold at a Parisian plant store called Plantes Pour Tous, such as rubber plant, bird of paradise plant, monstera, pothos, pilea, and aloe vera. Right: A picture of different kinds of calathea plant in a box from a Parisian plant store called Le Cactus Club.
Left: Plantes Pour Tous / Right: Le Cactus Club

Plantes Pour Tous

True to its name, Plantes Pour Tous (“plants for everyone”) sells the most affordable plants in Paris with their Grande Ventes events. From gorgeous dried flowers to variegated monsteras, they have it all. They also categorize their plants based on the care they need, making this shop the most ideal one for beginners. Pro-tip: Reserve a rendez-vous to skip the long line to get in!

Left: A picture of a rare plant called Philodendron florida ghost. This plant is coveted for its charming white leaves that mature to green. In this photo, we can see the comparison between a young leaf that is white and another leaf that is turning green.  Right: A spacious Parisian bedroom with a tall french windows that open to a balcony full of plants. Beside the window is also a tall cactus. The bed is beautifully decorated in white and green beddings. 2 pillows in black and white gives accent to the room.
Left: @cestmaikka / Right: Haven In

Le Cactus Club

Le Cactus Club has the trendiest cacti collection à Paris! It’s hard not to love the spiky plants after visiting this store. They also offer a variation of atelier classes on how to make terrariums, ornamental flower crowns, and the Japanese art of Kokedama!

A picture of a spacious Parisian apartment. In this photo taken from an American-styled open kitchen, you will see 2 tall french windows opening to the balcony full of plants. The kitchen is sophisticatedly decorated in white and tan.
Haven In


Founded in 1824, Truffaut is a chain of garden centers and pet shops in France. It is almost a Parisian tradition to visit Truffaut for any gardening needs. Hundreds of plants, outdoors and indoors, are available all year round. And the best part is their giveaways! Follow their Instagram to be updated and maybe win a free plant!  

Left: A gray and white Maine Coon cat is seen sitting beside a pot of a plant called Philodendron verrucosum. This cat is surrounded by other plants like Anthurium clarinervium, Monstera, Peace Lily, Caladium candidum, Caladium white christmas, and an Alocasia zebrina. Right: A photo of a gorgeous Parisian living room full of artworks, hanging plants, books, and fairy lights.


What The Flower – 35 rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris

Leaf – 46 Rue Albert Thomas, 75010 Paris

Shawnee by Philippe Meunier – Marché aux Fleurs Place Louis Lepine, 75004 Paris

Plantes Pour Tous – 13 Rue Jean Poulmarch, 75010 Paris

Le Cactus Club – 29 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris

Truffaut – 85 Quai de la Gare, 75013 Paris / 4 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris / 36 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris

Left: A Parisian living room decorated with at least 30 types of houseplants. The giant mirror reflects more houseplants on the other side of the living room. Right: A picture of a Parisian woman sitting in her living room and surrounded by her houseplants. She is leaning against a window overlooking another recognizable Parisian building with its balcony.
Left: @littledjala / Right: @sophieannenadeau
Left: A gray and white European breed cat is sitting in his cat tower with scratcher in the midst of houseplants. This photo is taken in a Parisian apartment on the ground floor. The windows open to an outdoor garden. Right: A picture of a french woman sitting in her gray couch with her Philodendron gloriosum plant. Her living room wall is beautifully decorated with feminine artworks.
Left: @urbanplantes / Right: @le_jardin_de_laura

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Maikka Piquemal

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