In Love in Paris: One & Only Photography

by Tory Hoen
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Paris might just be the most photogenic city in the world, so it’s no wonder that Anthony and Audrey—a Franco-American couple and photography team—chose this city as their personal and professional base. Through their company, One & Only Paris Photography, they shoot sumptuous Parisian interiors (like those they did for Haven in Paris), but their bread and butter are the romance-inspired photos they shoot of couples in the City of Love—from engagement photos and weddings, to romantic strolls and sultry boudoir-inspired portraits. Audrey and Anthony know just how to capture real, intimate moments and frame them against spectacular Parisian backdrops. As a married couple, they have a true talent for understanding how to translate real love into photographic love… and the rosy Parisian light doesn’t hurt.

After meeting in Madrid and then living and working in New York, the couple (Anthony is American, Audrey is French) have now settled in Paris. We caught up with them to ask a few questions about what it’s like to spend their time capturing beautiful people having beautiful moments in beautiful settings… Turns out life is pretty damn good.

umbrella wedding

HiP: Anthony, how did you get into photography?

O&O: I fell in love with photography using my dad’s Polaroid Land Camera. I still have it and shot some engagement photos with it this summer. The very first photograph I can remember taken of me was when I was 4 years old. I can remember the day vividly. I am sure it’s because of that photo. It is amazing how photographs can preserve memories.

HiP: Why did you choose to establish your business in Paris?

O&O: We moved our business from NYC to Paris. NYC was exciting but Audrey missed the charm of Paris. We now live in the Marais where we love our local life and sharing it with our clients. We have a lot of clients who travel to Paris looking to discover the charm of the city, and we love bringing them to unexpected locations. We can choose anything from the grand monuments to the less obvious, more intimate sites like small side streets and cafes that give a strong sense of the essence of Paris.  Great photos can come from being wrapped in a culture that is unmistakably different from the one you live in every day.

audrey and anthonyAudrey & Anthony—The Photographers

HiP: How would you describe your client base?

O&O: The majority of our clients aren’t weddings but international clients who are visiting the city and want photos that capture their memories of Paris on an emotional level. Together, we choose beautiful places where they can just be themselves while we record natural intimate moments.

HiP: How is shooting interiors different from the wedding photography that you do?

O&O: Shooting interiors makes us better wedding photographers because it forces us to perfect our technique.  In turn, shooting weddings makes us develop our sensitivity to photos that connect on an emotional level. We can transfer this to shooting interiors by capturing them in a way that makes the viewer want to be inside that moment of the photograph.

cafe triptych

HiP: Has your work connected you to people or communities in unexpected ways?

O&O: We’re always surprised by how much we connect with clients.  We analyze this all the time and have come to the conclusion that we love what we’re doing, so it always ends up being fun for everyone.  This leads to connections with people who come back to us to document milestone moments in their lives: engagement, boudoir, wedding, pregnancy, family portraits. The fun of interacting with people is what led us to wedding photography.

HiP: What’s the best part of the job?

O&O: We won’t lie. It’s the ego stroke that comes from client feedback. It’s a huge motivating factor that keeps us learning and working hard on every assignment.  After we deliver a project, we watch our email inbox, diligently waiting for people to be wowed.  We also love when blogs and magazines feature our work.  In this competitive field, being recognized by other professionals is a great feeling.  I guess we weren’t held enough as children.


HiP: What’s it like working together as a couple?

O&O: We’ve been working together for 5 years. Our working relationship started in a production company in Madrid, and we’ve been shooting together ever since. We can’t imagine doing it any other way.

HiP: Besides traditional wedding and engagement photography, what other services do you offer?

O&O: We can document any important occasion of your life.  In addition to weddings, there are many other events that people feel merit great images to preserve and share memories. People are big fans of our “You and the City” shoots, where we capture natural images of them in great spots around Paris.  Audrey’s been busy with her new interest in Boudoir photography. Just like the streets of Paris can make you look good, there are some great apartments in the city that can give an atmosphere that’s hard to find elsewhere. Women trust her to make them look irresistible.


HiP: Any upcoming projects or new ideas for 2010?

O&O: We both love 8mm movie film.  It’s a vintage medium that captures the fantasy of Paris in a way that video never could.  In the upcoming year, we’ll start to offer 8mm film clips as a way for clients to have images of their stay in Paris.

For more great images from recent shoots, check out Audrey and Anthony’s blog. For information on how you can hire them to shoot your Paris memories, email them at [email protected]

Written by Tory Hoen for the HiP Paris Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

Written By

Tory Hoen

After attending Brown University and spending two years in New York, Tory bought a one-way ticket to Paris to pursue her dream of becoming a writer (and of drinking wine at lunch). During her time in the City of Light, she chronicled the euphoric highs and the laughable lows of ex-pat life on her blog, A Moveable Beast. Though she's now based in New York, she travels frequently to Montreal and Brazil, and she'll use just about any excuse to jet to Paris ("I ran out of fleur de sel"). A regular contributor to Hip Paris, Tory also writes for New York Magazine, Time Out New York, and she is a co-author of's Guide To Life After College. View Tory Hoen's Website

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Thanks for this post! We were so impressed with their portfolio that we’ve booked honeymoon photography with them while we’re staying at a HIP location in March! We’re excited!

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I love One & Only Paris Photography! I want to be them when I grow up! Their photos are amazing!! 🙂

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