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Your Italian Escape: Advice on Buying Property in Italy

by Imogen Davies
Written By

Imogen Davies

Imogen is a Senior Travel Consultant at She specializes in everything Italy and loves nothing more than traveling the world. Imogen is an Italian property expert and has helped develop Gate-away’s new Italian Property Guide. When not in the office, Imogen enjoys sampling the sights of Italy and traveling further afield. View Imogen Davies's Website

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3 comments on “Your Italian Escape: Advice on Buying Property in Italy

I find it hard to believe already being an EU resident you didn’t do extensive research first. Nobody goes into investing in real estate without meaningful research and expert help. We bought into a fractional ownership in France because we fell in love with a particular apartment that met all our needs. All the financial obligations were worked out before we signed anything. We had been looking and renting apartments for several years and knew what we were getting into. We wouldn’t even buy in the US in our native tongue.
I’m glad you finally got things the way you wished for.

I always love following this blog because it transports me to places I probably will never be able to visit. After initially being drawn in by the picture I read the post too. See I’m a lover of HGTV and HGTV International where it seems very easy to just sweep into Paris or Italy and purchase your dream home…but you just shed the realities or purchasing a home abroad. Thank you!

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