Favorite French Basket Bags for Summer

by Ali Postma

The basket bag was first made famous in the late 60s and 70s by British-born actress, singer, and all-round “it girl” in her adopted France, Jane Birkin. In recent years, the basket bag has returned and become the must-have summer accessory.

Left: A light wicker summer bag from Vanessa Bruno sits in the sun between two rose bushes, which have green leaves and white roses, Right: A woman wearing a white top and jeans holds a cute wicker summer bag from Vanessa Bruno.
Top & Above: Vanessa Bruno

Its popularity isn’t wavering – it seems that this is one trend that is here to stay. To get that effortlessly chic look, check out one of these French brands making the perfect basket bags for summer:


Left: A hot pink hand bag, with long tassels and a white handle from Jacquemus, Right: A woman in an oversized polo shirt walks down a pink runway through a lavender field during a fashion show for Jacquemus. She holds a wicker bag with pink detailing from the designer.

While he is famous for his signature miniature bags, which started the miniature bag trend, Jacquemus also makes “normal” and even grand-sized basket bags. Le Panier Soleil is a handmade straw basket bag with nubuck finishings and outside pocket, which comes in pink, yellow, and charcoal. But it wouldn’t be Jacquemus without a miniature version. Le Petit Baci is a mini, raffia-fringed basket bag that comes in natural and oh-so-bright fuchsia. 

Left: A model, wearing a short pink onsie with long sleeves and styled with earrings, sunglasses and heels holds a large wicker bag with pink detailing from Jacquemus, Right: A large wicker summer bag with yellow detailing from Jacqemus

Inès Bressand

Inès Bressand’s basket bags are unique for their organic sculptural shapes. They’re handmade out of natural elephant grass by female weavers in Ghana and are completed with vegetable-tanned leather handles in France. The gorgeous amphora-shaped Akamae n.17 bag gives me Greek goddess vibes. 

Left: A small wicker summer handbag with a long black strap from Inès Bressand, Right: A woman in a black jumpsuit wears a unique wicker bag with a long black strap around her torso
Inès Bressand


Muuñ’s adorable basket bags come in so many different styles, sizes, and colors that it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I love the cute backpack version for something a little different, the George in Delft for the perfect picnic basket, and the Jane Birkin-esque Lou bag. Their basket bags are made out of resistant elephant grass, handwoven Ghana. The interior cotton pouch is sewn by people with disabilities through the French non-profit organization ISTA (Insertion Sociale par le Travail Adapté).

Left: A small wicker summer bag with details and black straps from Muuñ sits on a large stone, Right: A cute small wicker basket from Muuñ sits in front of a white background.

Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno has a huge range of raffia bags and other accessories. Her bags come in a number of styles (totes, buckets, satchels, and more), sizes, and colors. She has raffia bags combined with cotton, leather, and linen. And you can glam it up with colored sequin detailing or embroidery. Vanessa Bruno also makes raffia clutches, iPhone pouches, belts, sandals, and heels.

Left: A woman in a pink blouse and white skirt holds a summer handbag from Vanessa Bruno. Her wicker belt matches the material of the bag, Right: The same summer bag, pictured left, from Vanessa Bruno sits on a white ledge with blue ocean and sky in the background.
Vanessa Bruno


Mizele is a brand by brother-sister team Gregory and Laetitia. The Sun Bag Raffia Fringe is made entirely out of crocheted raffia with a circular handle, fringe, and removable leather strap. The Sun Bath Raffia and Fish Net bags are also entirely crocheted with circular handles. I can imagine the oversized Fish Net XL bag giving the miniature bag trend a run for its money. All of their bags are hand-crocheted by artisans using traditional techniques.

A model in a blazer and red sunglasses models a large bag from Mizele in front of the ocean on a sunny day.

Il était un fil

Based in the heart of Provence in the south of France, Il était un fil handcrafts straw basket bags using materials from France, Italy, and Morocco.

A woman in a polka-dot print dress models a small wicker handbag with a thick white strap from the brand Il était un fil
Il était un fil

Their bags are made out of palm tree leaves that are handwoven by female artisans in Morocco, the leather detailing comes from Italy, and the bags are hand-finished in France. Il était un fil have jumped on the miniature bag trend with their Nano model, which features a removable adjustable strap that can be used over the shoulder or as a belt.

Left: A woman in a white dress holds a  wicker handbag with black detailing and straps from the brand Il était un fil, Right: A woman in a white dress models with three small wicker bags, each with different details, from the brand Il était un fil
Il était un fil

Sook Paris

For something a little more affordable, Sook Paris is a French brand with its own store in Marrakech. Their basket bags are made out of palm tree leaves and leather detailing, and are handwoven in Morocco. 

Left: A circular wicker handbag with small straps from the brand Sook Paris sits on a white surface. Pink and white flowers can be seen peaking out of the bag. Right: Two circular wicker handbags from Sook Paris are stacked atop each other, the one on top filled with flowers and greenery.
Sook Paris

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