Left: A woman stands in front of a purple and black polka dot curtain. She has long platinum blonde hair and is wearing a pink rhinestoned hat and a red and white gingham dress. Right: The same woman is sitting on the floor in a white room. There are various sculptures around her and she is sitting on a patch of fake grass.
Top Left: itstiffaniedavis / Right: pamelaloufti
Above: Shayna Klee via metalmagazine

Before I moved to Paris, a city I’d never been to before, I wanted to get a glimpse of the city beyond the typical tourist destinations. While the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées are amazing, discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants and friperies (thrift stores) is what really interested me. 

Left: A woman walks up a street in Paris. Behind her there is a red door. She is wearing a red coat, black tights and black thigh high boots. She is carrying red and orange roses and is looking back at the camera. Right: A street in Paris. There are a few storefronts, with the signs “Odette” and “Pays de Poche” visible. There is a bike locked to a post on the street.
Left: Nora Aradi by elen.hmelva / Right: paulaist

In the months leading up to my move, I watched a lot of videos from Paris-based YouTubers. There’s something about getting a front-row seat in a stranger’s life that really transports you to the city they’re living in. Many of them don’t shy away from including the downsides of life in Paris. It feels so much more real than typical travel videos. 

While you may not be able to visit, these expat YouTubers in Paris will bring you a little closer to the City of Light: 

Tiffanie Davis

After travelling to Italy when she was 16, Tiffanie made a promise to herself that she would live abroad before she was 30. And in 2017, she left her corporate life in New York City to pursue her MBA in Paris. Tiffanie shares some really informative advice on just about everything about life in Paris—from dating to apartment hunting and navigating French pharmacies when you’re sick. If you find yourself missing Paris, be sure to check out her must-see places to visit in Paris

Left: A woman stands on a street in Paris, looking up. She is wearing a black and white polka dot shirt, black pants, and black boots. Right: The Louvre Pyramid in Paris.
Left: itstiffaniedavis / Right: bastien_nvs

Shayna Klee (The Purple Palace)

Shayna is an American visual artist and filmmaker based in Paris. She documents her life as a young creative, including days in her life as an art student and what students in Paris are wearing. Shayna is unapologetically herself—from her style and art to her vulnerability in her videos. Most recently, she shared the story of her separation from her French husband, opening up about the harshest realities of a break-up with her over 220,000 subscribers.  

Left: A woman is sitting on the métro train in Paris. She is seated a few seats back compared to where the photo is taken from. Right: The same woman stands next to various art installations.

Damon Dominique 

An article about YouTubers in Paris just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Damon Dominique. Indiana native Damon has had a love affair with Paris for the last decade of his life. Along with his friend and business partner, Jo Franco, they’ve documented years of travel as polyglots on their now-retired channel DamonandJo

Left: A bedroom in Paris. The bed is pushed up against a wall and window, with the windows open. Right: A man stands on a street in Paris, wearing a face mask.

While he’s traveled all over the world, he settled in Paris a few years ago, and since then, he’s made videos covering everything from dope places in Paris that no one goes to and all the drama behind opening a bank account in France. I especially loved watching his language tips since my conversational French was a bit rusty before arriving.

Nora Aradi

Nora is a Hungarian university student/model/blogger living in Paris. While her channel started out about her modeling adventures, it turned into sharing her life in Paris. If you’re looking to study in France, check out her videos on how she got into the Sorbonne, the pros and cons of studying in France, and a week in her life as a university student in Paris!

Left: A woman is looking out of a window in a traditional Parisian style apartment. She has long dark hair and is wearing glasses. Right: The same woman is walking in the streets in Paris. She is wearing a red coat and carrying red and orange roses, looking back at the camera.
Left: Nora Aradi by drisyanambiar / Right: elen.hmelva

Nathaniel Drew 

Nathaniel is an American travel YouTuber who shares his insights into slow travel, learning foreign languages, and self-development and exploration.

Left: A man sits on steps in front of a blue door in Paris. He is leaning on his knee with a camera in his hand. Right: A street in Paris. In the background, the Sacre Coeur is visible.
Left: nathanieldrew_ / Right: romainfisch

Nathanial moved to Paris during the first confinement in March. He documented his experience living alone during the pandemic in the most beautiful, newly deserted city in the world. He shares his “love story” of becoming fluent in French. There is also a lengthy discussion with Damon Dominique on whether Paris is overrated, along with some other topics. 

Did we miss anyone? Let us know of your favorite travel YouTubers below! 

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Jessica Johnston

Jessica is from Toronto, Canada, where she studied communication and public relations at Ryerson University, and worked in internal communications. She moved in Paris in the summer of 2020 after quitting her corporate job in the pursuit of the Parisian lifestyle. She loves trying new things, discovering new cultures, and connecting with people. In her free time, you can find her trying new restaurants, browsing the skincare section in pharmacies, and spending time in parks across Paris.


  1. Hi, looking forward to seeing the people mentioned above. I have been planning my trip to France, which is now this weekend! Jay Swanson helped me so much with his videos!!
    Super excited and nervous, I can’t wait!!

  2. I prefer Jay Swansons videos to be honest. I watched Damon’s and I just get an arrogant vibe from it (sorry) whereas with Jay’s it was much more relaxed actually talk about serious things and doesn’t try to sell the Paris dream.

    Also makes me laugh, when english speakers move abroad they become “expats”, when the opposite happens and overseas people come to say UK, they’re called Immigrants. Terrible really.


  3. Hello Jessica, I just read your article. Thank you 🙂 Expat youtubers make Paris look so beautiful through their eyes, that almost makes me want to go back ! And then I remember that Paris also has a dark side, and that I like my countryside. But it’s good to see this city with “fresh eyes” if I may say so !

  4. Yes! I have watched and enjoyed all these channels, but Jay Swanson is the only one I tune in to for every single vlog. It’s Paris, charm, community, culture, challenge, honesty, frustration and Paris again, for real. Jay Swanson is the best… check him out!

  5. Very interesting and informative article Jessica. You definitely put 5 of the most relevant ex-pat YouTubers in the spotlight, all of whom I know, follow and have interactions with via social media. Although, in my humble opinion, you did leave out a 6th, and possibly the most relevant of our times. A gentleman with not only an incredible pulse on the city, but with an incredible back story to match. Would be well worth yours, and your readers time to take a look at Jay Swanson….Writer, YouTuber, FilmMaker, all around creator extraordinaire!!

    Warmest Regards,
    Deborah L

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