“Clean” perfumes are all the rage these days, and with good reason. After all, the unsavory additions found in conventional scents have been linked to a number of ailments including endocrine and reproductive issues, asthma, allergies, and even cancer. Looking for a safer way to smell great? Here at HiP our favorite clean scents come from the below-the-radar brand Altearah Bio, early innovators of the organic cosmetics scene.

Altearah Bio organic perfume bottles standing by the side of a turquoise pool and among pink flowers.
Top: Diana Liu. Above: Altearah Bio.

Since 2000, the team at Altearah Bio has been designing products in Bellgarde in the South of France. Consisting of all-natural, organic essential oils, Altearah Bio adheres to Ecocert certification, which are some of the strictest specifications for organic cosmetics. Its products are not tested on animals and are free of raw materials of animal origin.

Altearah Bio

Altearah’s “aroma-cosmetics” use select essential oils for their positive impact on your mood and well being, aiming to relieve you of stress and anxiety. The unique concept relies on chromotherapy – a method of treatment based on the use of colors – to stimulate the mind, affect the body, and reveal and release emotions.

Altearah Bio’s palette consists of 14 emotions corresponding to 14 different colors. The symbolism associated with each color (for instance red for vitality, blue for peace, white for purity, etc.) dictates the choice of essential oils used in its composition – both for their healing properties and scents.

Altearah organic perfume charts for choosing your scent.
Diana Liu

So, how do you choose your color? There is no wrong choice as each carries its own unique benefit. If you’re unsure, beauty professionals trained in the use of Altearah’s products can help you using color selection tools for a personalized scent.

Altearah Bio perfumes are color-coded to match your need and mood.
Diana Liu

I recently visited the Pharmacie Choiseul, the only vendor selling Altearah’s range in Paris, to sample their unique concept in person. Like in a game of cards, I was presented with Altearah’s color-coded strips of paper faced down. You choose three at random and then sample the products chosen. Of the ones I chose, I was particularly drawn to Peace. As someone allergic to many fragrances, Altearah’s scents did not trigger the usual migraines or breathing problems caused by many other fragrances. An unexpected bonus was that the pharmacist gave me samples of nearly all of their range of scents.

A view of a Paris street (left). The colorful label of Altearah Bio perfume (right).
Diana Liu

Altearah’s clean products are available through select vendors throughout the world and via its e-shop online. In Paris its range can be found exclusively at the Pharmacie Choiseul.

Pharmacie Choiseul – 23 rue de Choiseul, 75002.

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