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Under the Table: Dining with a Dog in Paris

by Aaron Ayscough
Written By

Aaron Ayscough

Aaron Ayscough is the founder of the blog Not Drinking Poison in Paris . His writing has appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Financial Times, Fantastic Man, PUNCH, The Happy Reader, and Paris by Mouth. View Aaron Ayscough's Website

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4 comments on “Under the Table: Dining with a Dog in Paris

What an adorable little dog ! While we were living in Argentina, we enjoyed those dog loving people so much. Pup was always allowed in any outdoor cafe, the waiters always brought him a bowl of water and he gave and got kisses wherever we went ..
Buenos Aires is a very good mix of French/Italian and Spanish with some English thrown in .. 🙂

Great read! I love that well-behaved dogs are welcome at most places in France. Dogs are family, after all.

Hi! Great article! After living in Prais for 16 years, I was surprised to remember that dogs are NOT welcome in Candian restaurants. It seems so normal to me now!
Spoon is SUPER cute. My girls would like to know what kind of dog it is??

This was our life when my husband and I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
They are great animal lovers which made it easy too. Our Standard Poodle stood out in a world of small dogs .. he was very well trained and loved to sit in the outdoor cafes with us, waiters spoiled him to death .. he got his own bowl of water and treats ..

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