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Fighting the Pounds: The Perils of Jogging in Paris

by Victoria Wall
Written By

Victoria Wall

Following hours of foreign dictionary studying at university and a tapas-and-cerveza filled year in Madrid, Victoria decided it was high time to put her French and la belle vie Parisienne to the test. This Brit from near-London initially worked as an enthusiastic-yet-underpaid English teacher and has now become a translator-copywriter-community manager for a French website. Two years after arriving in Paris, she has had ample opportunity to fall amoureuse with every single arrondissement of the city of love and light, from picture postcard Montmartre to the winding backstreets of the almost provincial 20ème. View Victoria Wall's Website

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14 comments on “Fighting the Pounds: The Perils of Jogging in Paris

Hi Victoria, good run today at the Cross! I was third in our category, so, congratulations!Your post is great! Bye!

Avenue de Breteuil is perfect for jogging!

Justine, I agree. At the beginning I felt a little self-conscious but now I just put my music on and zone out. I usually run early in the morning and never take public transport which helps!

Jamie Herzlinger

Great post! Totally empathize! That’s why, when in Paris I run the Tuillieries
Jamie Herzlinger
Ps love your blog

I see lots of runners in the places you mention (luxembourg, tuileries etc) but how do they get to these places in their running gear without me noticing? The handful of times I attempted to jog I felt so self-conscious in my sporty clothes en-route to the park I wanted to turn around immediately and abandon!

I learn more about Paris each time. I just need to get on a train and check it out rather than staying down on the farm.

I’m not a runner, but was amazed by how many I saw in Paris…especially in the Tuileries!

I definitely had fun writing the article and reflecting on the ups & downs of my Parisian running experiences. Courtney, I’d highly recommend the Coulée Verte for comment-free running – it’s always brimming with sports fanatics and more causal Sunday runners. As for inter-runner etiquette in Paris, it’s not rare to receive an understanding smile of complicity as it starts to drizzle with rain or the temperature plunges below zero (though don’t expect more extended or enthusiastic banter).

Bon running!

Courtney | La Fille Américaine

Yes! It is already difficult for me to get myself to run, but living in Paris makes it all the more difficult. I hate running by the Seine or on the streets because I always receive comments. The only place I have enjoyed running in Paris is in the Jardin Luxembourg! Thanks for the post. I could definitely sympathize!

What a FUN post!
Merci Victoria for the link too 🙂
Most kind

paris (im)perfect

You are a trooper and obviously a committed runner. From my gym faux pas that you linked to (thanks!), you see I don’t fare quite as well when it comes to exercising in Paris. 🙂

Great post!

B (i run like a girl)

Excellent insights! I love how the “running culture” differs from one city to the next.

I found London to be runner-friendly, but that the runners did not appear very friendly to one another. (No “hello” or hand-waving?) New Orleans, on the other hand, was an unexpected runners paradise (if you don’t break an ankle on the uneven pavement). I haven’t run in Paris, yet… but will be sure to take your advice and beware of the canines!

Ummm no jogging for me in Paris, or anywhere for that matter. But great post Victoria!

Thanks for including my Parisienne post! Thankfully, I’m not a serious runner! Great tips for those who are – will gladly share with my readers.

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