Left: a bookstore in Paris. The French word for bookstore, "librarie" is written in white on the dark green storefront which is surrounded bu white stone buildings. Books can be seen in the window. Right: a Parisian apartment building. There are four windows visible. The two closer to the top are lit up and there is greenery on their balcony. The two windows below have closed white shutters.
Top: seemyparis by un_fold_ed / seemyparis by deareverest / Above: pamelaloutfi

France, like most of Europe, is in lockdown. Any kind of travel to and from the country seems to be off the table for the foreseeable future.

Left: the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The sky is pastel blue and takes up most of the photo. Buildings can be seen at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Right: the exterior of a café in Paris. There are several empty tables and chairs visible. The front of the restaurant is covered in wood and there is a large window visible. The name of the restaurant is printed in black on a white awning, " La Grille Montorgueil"

If you’ve already watched everything Netflix has to offer—including Emily in Paris, of course—and devoured all your travel books and magazines, we found another way to feed your wanderlust. Here are ten of the best Parisian Instagram accounts to transport you to The City of Light without ever leaving your couch.

Left: The exterior of a café in Paris. It is covered in wood and has a white awning with the name of the café written in dark letters, "Les Puces." There is a table with two people sitting at it and a bike parked outside. Right: an aerial view of a table at a café in Paris. The table is light pnk and there is a croissant in a basket, a glass of water, and a coffee with someones hand to the left of it visible.


Flâner à Paris (stroll around Paris) is one of the best things to do in the city, and Alexandrine does it exceptionally well. If you are dreaming of long walks along the Seine’s banks, sunsets on the Sacré-Cœur’s steps, or picnics in the parc, this is the time to start scrolling her feed.

Left: the top of a set of stairs in the Parisian neighborhood Montmartre at sunset. There is an oid-fashioned lamp post visible at the top of the stairs and there are trees coming up over the stairs. The streets are cobblestoned. The sun is shining brightly through the leaves of the trees. Right: apartment buildings in Paris. The buildings are white stone and each floor has a small balcony. There are people visible inside some of the apartments.

Wander Wonders

There is something special about the streets of Paris. From the cobblestone paths and the secret alleys to the grand doors that can hide anything from a tiny courtyard to a majestic palace entrance… Paris is a city that invites you to open its doors. And Benedicte’s account does just that.  

Left: a vies of Paris. There are roof tops and buildings visible as well as the Eiffel Tower in the distance. There are trees' leaves framing the picture and they are orange, yellow and green colored. Right: A café in Paris. There is sunlight shining on the blue exterior of the cafe and the rest of the picture is shaded. There are trees' leaves visible at the top on the picture.

Paris Unfolded

A perfectly curated account by a professional photographer, Paris Unfolded is like a virtual gallery dedicated to The City of Light. Sophia’s pictures are so beautiful, you will want to hang them on your walls. 

Left: the interior of a Parisian apartment. A woman is laying on her stomach on a bed and holding a book that she is reading. Outside the window another Parisian apartment building is visible. Right: the exterior of a café in Paris. There are several empty tables and chairs visible. A protective glass wall with food specials written on it in orange is to the left.

Dear Everest

Romantic with a touch of melancholy, Nashville-born, Paris-based Katie knows how to make us dream. On her feed, you will find a great balance of Paris, food, flowers, and even a few cat pictures here and there. 

Left: someone walking on a sidewalk across a bridge in Paris. They have a shopping caddy with them. Parisian buildings can be seen in the background and there is an old-fashioned street lamp visible to the right. Right: a street in Paris. It is evening and the lights on restaurants, shops, and cars in the street can be seen. Several buildings are in the picture.
seemyparis by deareverest / seemyparis by un_fold_ed

See My Paris

An account curated by multiple content creators and photographers based in the French capital, See My Paris shows the city, its magical light. Encounter the people that inhabit it with a mix of poetry and normalcy that makes us feel like we are there ourselves. 

Left: the outside of a shop in Paris. There is wood covering the outside of the shop and there is a white awning. There are two open windows with white shutters above the shop. Right: a pile of several baguettes. There is a small sign on top of them that reads "baguette Parisienne 0.90 €." There is a small basket filled with more bread in the background.

Pamela Loutfi

Pamela is an illustrator and a photographer that magistrally captures the essence of Paris in her Instagram shots. Join her for a coffee at Café de Flore – now better known as Emily’s favorite café – or for a stroll in the 15th arrondissement, croissant in hand. 

Carolina Ldno

To live that “expat in Paris” dream, just follow the adventures of Carolina Ldno. If you are planning to escape to Paris as soon as we can all travel again, follow her and take notes. 

Left: a street in Paris. There are groups of two people sitting across from each other on either side of the street as two dogs play in between them. The street is cobblestoned and there are Parisian cafés visible in the background. Right: A woman walking down the street in Paris in the rain. She has on a black trench coat and only her backside is visible. It is early evening and the Parisian buildings are lit up.
deareverest / davidignaz

David Ignaz

A completely different approach to the city, David shows Paris in all its moodiness, mystery, and charm. To have a glimpse of the city at night, and an aesthetic far from the usual sun-soaked images of Paris we are used to, David’s account is the one to follow.

Left: a woman wearing a coat and a mask walking next to the Seine river in Paris. There is a bridge with Parisian buildings visible to the right and to the left is a large tree. The sidewalk is cobblestone. Right: a street in Paris. It is dusk and there are street lamps that are lit up. There are leaves that have fallen on the cobblestone street and there are trees visible.

Daphne – Paris Visuals

A look at everyday, ordinary Paris life, Daphne’s account makes us miss the mundane, simple things, like strolling aimlessly around the city, randomly stopping for a coffee at a cute café and enjoy a mask-less chat with friends. 

Left: a street in Paris at sunset during the summer. The street is cobblestoned and there is a small park visible to the left with people gathered. There are several trees visible as well as buildings. Right: A man walking up an empty street in Paris with his bike. The sun is shining brightly and it looks like early morning. There are several shops on the street.

Hervé in Paris

The colorful diary of a photographer in Paris, Hervé’s pictures show us a dazzling side of the city that would brighten up even the gloomiest of the winter days. Visit his page for a boost of joy and get ready to miss Paris (and summer) very much.

Left: a man walking down a street in Paris next to the Seine river. He has his arms clasped behind his back and his frontside isn't visible. Several book shops that line the Seine are visible to the right. There are cars' lights visible to the left. Right: the Arc du Triomphe in the evening. The sun is shining through the arc and there are cars and people walking visible. The sun is shining so bright that it makes most of the picture orange while the buildings, people, and cars are black.

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